Biden’s Marxist Government Accuses Maduro’s Marxist Venezuelan Government of Election Interference

The Communist installed Biden regime roosting in the White House and the Marxist Democrat National Committee (DNC) are getting extremely concerned about third party independents like Robert Kennedy (RFK) running for president.

The Biden Marxists know RFK will siphon votes away from the corrupt Biden presidency and help President Trump return to the Washington D.C. cesspool allowing Trump to drain it completely of this Marxist corruption and ideology.

So the Biden Communist Democrat National Committee (DNC) has hired an unprecedented team of lawyers to try and block the ballot access of such independent candidates like RFK threatening Biden’s reelection bid especially in swing states.

This is nothing more than election interference from the Marxist rats in the White House that are lifting their heads up sniffing each other’s backsides while swimming in the DC cesspool of corruption.

Dana Remus is the lead rat running this legal coup against RFK. This Marxist Remus used to be Comrade Biden’s White House thug. Or as they call it in the Biden Oval Office legal counsel.

Biden is now moving from the Communist left to the moderate center as it’s an election year but he continues to inject massive election interference against political opponents in our republic especially against Trump.

This is the norm as Biden gets closer to November which is indicative by taking this new position on his Communist pal Nicolas Maduro in Communist controlled Venezuela.

The hypocrite Biden is publicly stating that his secret Santa pal Nicolas Maduro is interfering with the Venezuelan up coming July elections while Biden is doing the exact same thing here at home.

Biden’s Treasury Department manages General License 44 which authorized the United States to buy oil and gas from Maduros Communist dictatorship. This license expires at 12:01 AM on April 18th 2024.

The 7th Floor State Department that secretly supports Maduro is stating:

“After a careful review of the current situation in Venezuela, the United States determined Nicolas Maduro and his representatives have not fully met the commitments made under the electoral roadmap agreement, which was signed by Maduro representatives and the opposition in Barbados in October 2023”.

So apparently the Treasury Department and the State Department is no longer going to renew License 44 allowing the purchase of oil and gas from Communist Venezuela because Biden is upset about Nicolas Maduro’s election interference.

The State Department also stated:

“We are concerned that Maduro and his representatives prevented the democratic opposition from registering the candidate of their choice, harassed and intimidated political opponents, and unjustly detained numerous political actors and members of civil society”

Maduro’s political opponents are either in jail or blocked from running or are experiencing unprecedented election interference, much like Biden’s political opponents here in the United States. There is not much difference between Maduro and Biden’s political campaign strategies and it took the U.S. Supreme Court voting 9-0 to allow Trump on the Colorado and Maine ballots.

Biden and his gang of corrupt Marxists will lose to the American patriot Donald Trump on November 5th 2024 that’s a promise from we the American people. We Americans that love our country also love a good fight and we will restore constitutional governance soon.

As for RFK we wish him well and he will probably be offered a leadership roll in the upcoming Trump Administration. My opinion.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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