BBC Documentary ‘Nika’s Last Breath’ about 16-year old Nika Shakarami’s last moments before being raped and murdered in Iran

In September 2022, 16-year-old Nika Shakarami attended a Woman, Life, Freedom protest in Tehran.

That day, pictures taken of her burning her hijab made her an icon in the eyes of Iran’s protestors, and a target in the eyes of the Iranian government. Nika never went home. Iran’s government claimed she jumped from a building, but her mother never accepted it.

Now #BBCEye investigates a shocking new document, purportedly written by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which reveals what happened after they hunted her down.

Narrated by Reha Kansara.

WATCH: Nika’s Last Breath: Secret report reveals the hunt for Iranian protester – BBC World Service Documentaries

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