Thousands of Illegal Aliens Tracked To Over 21 Pro-Terror, Jew Hating Protests Across America

Tony Seruga, “Remember all of those criminal illegal invaders we’ve been tracking from the caravans to our borders and into the interior of the U.S., today, over 1,000 of the same devices (cell phones, iPads, tablets, watches, fitness trackers, etc., etc.) are present at over 21 protests and growing across America.” 

This is asymmetric warfare.

We Are At War!

The Republicans pretending this is some aberration of party politics, or politics as usual, are as dangerous as the jihad migration.



Professional protestors of Texas unmasked: Elementary school teacher, costumer designer and Palestinian store-owner among adults who infiltrated University of Austin demo

Lawsuit filed on behalf of American and Israeli Victims of Hamas Oct. 7th Terrorist Attack Against AJP Educational Foundation, Inc. a/k/a American Muslims for Palestine and National Students for Justice in Palestine

Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey Backs Terrorists and Jew Hating Pogroms at Columbia University

POLICE RETREAT: UCLA Pro-Terror Jew-Hating Hordes Push Out Police from Encampment After Unsuccessful Raid

Pro-Terror Communist Leader of Colombia to Break Diplomatic Ties with Israel

Columbia’s Iconic Hamilton Hall Destroyed by Terrorists, Smashed Windows, Offices, Destroyed Furniture

Bide Regime Considering Giving Pro-Terror Gazans Permanent Safe Haven in U.S. with Access to Housing and Pathway to Citizenship


Illegal Aliens Hiring Criminals to Stage Fake Robberies to Obtain Special Visas | TIPPING POINT

This Week In Jihad with David Wood and Robert Spencer [Pup Tents for Hamas Edition]

Violence breaks out at UCLA during protests: ‘Utter chaos’


EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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