Doctrinal Criminal Behavior: Conflating Terrorism with Jihad

The difference between terrorism and jihad is that terrorism is an act of defiance, while jihad is a cultural, legal and religious act of devotion. Terrorism has few, if any, rules governing purpose and conduct, whereas jihad, as a separate legal theory is replete with limits and rules of engagement. Acts of violence not grounded in Islamic law (sharia) are not jihad.

Islamic based crime is usually discussed in Western criminal justice manuals, not through the lens of doctrine and values. Islamic doctrinal sources are absent from criminal justice, terrorism, and counter terrorism bibliographies. Western theories of crime are being applied to Islamic behavior. A key indicator linking behavior to doctrinal belief are the words uttered by the assailant during an assault, but the words are not being evaluated in terms of the originating doctrine. Words indicate motive and, in the case of cross-civilizational attacks, can highlight the cultural doctrinal basis for the attack.

A neglected field of criminal justice-the study of religion for its crime- inducing effects suggests that religion be examined objectively in terms of how it induces crime and what doctrinal tools in sharia (Islamic law) are used to act out criminal behavior.

Shallow study of the issue of jihad limits inquiry to modern on line text and magazines, and only rarely venturing into the core texts: the Quran, Hadith, Sira of Mohammad or the judicial texts where doctrine is detailed.

Religion is not important for most Western Scholars, so they assume this is the case for others also. Religion is a topic that makes most Western writers uncomfortable: not only do they not understand the Islamic religion, but dwelling too much on faith based ideology risks accusations of bigotry. So they negate faith based ideology as a casual subject. Scholars do not want to denigrate Islam thus avoiding casual writings about the religion.

Most criminal justice, terrorism, and counter terrorism writers fail to list any Islamic doctrinal texts with the exception of the Quran. See literature gap attached. Law enforcement in America cannot continue to ignore the “Death to America” chants of the Islamic culture in Dearborn, Michigan. Please take this seriously and purchase and train your staff now using the complete compendium written by William Gawthorp Ph.D. “The Criminal Investigator-Intelligence analyst’ Hand Book of Islam.”

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