Watch Dr. Mordechai Kedar in a heated debate on SKY News Arabic

Recently I took part in a heated debate on SKY News in Arabic about Israel and peace with its neighbors.

I am offering to speak to your congregation or organization in person or via Zoom. There is so much to hear and learn about Israel and the Middle East especially at this time and I am available to speak in person or via Zoom to your audience. List of suggested topics – below.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar
Researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar-Ilan University
NEWSRAEL’s vice president
Phone and WhatsApp in Israel: +972-54-477-8908

List of suggested topics

Understanding Arab and Muslim Culture

1. The roots of Anti-Semitism in Islam. Why are Muslims taught to hate Jews?
2. What is the struggle over Jerusalem all about?
3. Islam – A religion at war, Sunnis vs Shi’is.
4. Islamic Radicalism – Causes, ideology, and ways to face it.
5. The Right of Return: Jews vs Muslims
6. The Other Voices in the Muslim World – My personal experience.

Israel Today

1. What are the origins of the Hamas-Israel conflict?
2. Who is Hamas? What do they really want?
3. What is the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah?
4. Can the “two state solution” resolve the conflict between the Arabs and Israel?

General Issues:

1. Jew-Hatred / Antisemitism: roots, causes and ways to deal with it.
2. Israel and the Diaspora: How to minimize the gap?
3. The European Jewry – past, present, and future predictions
4. The Muslim mass migration to Europe and its consequences and effects on the Jewish communities

Israeli Issues:

1. Understanding the Israeli Electoral System
2. What are Israel’s rights in Judea and Samaria and in the Golan Heights?
3. Israel’s Political System: Right, Center and Left
4.Pressing issues in Israel today

Israel and its neighbors

1. The strategy of USA and Russia in the Middle East
2. Israel in 2024: Achievements and Challenges
3. Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing Middle East

4. Different views of peace in the Middle East
5. The challenges the world is facing from Iran – what motivates the Ayatollahs?

Jewish Topics

Sefer Bereshis – A view through the looking glass of the Middle Eastern culture

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