Washington’s Betrayal of Israel Makes No Strategic or Moral Sense

The Jerusalem Post’s editors take a dim view of Biden’s threat to halt military aid — 500-pound bombs, 2000-pound bombs, artillery shells — if the IDF goes beyond the outer perimeter of Rafah. They soberly set out all the reasons why the Bidenite distancing itself from its ally, Israel, makes no strategic or moral sense.

More on their response to what can only be called a great betrayal of an ally can be found here:

Betrayal of allies: U.S. pauses munitions, while threatening Israel’s security – Editorial

Jerusalem Post, May 9, 2024:

Amid the conflict in Gaza, the United States administration’s decision to delay a crucial shipment of munitions to Israel is not just a logistical delay; it is a major erosion of trust between staunch allies.

On a seemingly ordinary Monday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin made a startling revelation: the US would withhold one shipment of essential munitions from Israel due to concerns about possible civilian casualties in the strategic Rafah region. This announcement added a layer of complexity and doubt at a time when decisive action is most needed. Austin’s move strikes at the heart of the operational readiness of the IDF and sends a worrying signal about the US’s resolve to stand by its ally.

The timing and reasoning behind this pause are particularly troubling. It came during a critical phase of Israel’s operations against Hamas, a terrorist organization that poses a relentless threat to the security of Israeli civilians. Allies depend on consistent and reliable support in times of crisis; however, this decision by the US suggests a wavering commitment, raising questions about its reliability as a strategic partner.

Criticism from The Wall Street Journal underscores the strategic missteps. Its editorial earlier this week pointed out that such hesitations directly benefit Hamas, allowing it a respite when Israeli forces are applying pressure. This not only potentially prolongs the conflict but risks increasing the civilian casualties the US wants to prevent. It’s a paradox that undermines the intended ethical stance of the US and illustrates a misunderstanding of the dynamics in fighting entrenched terrorist elements.

Moreover, the decision [to withhold offensive weapons] represents more than a temporary tactical shift; it signals a possible change in US foreign policy that could have long-lasting geopolitical repercussions. The US has historically been Israel’s staunchest ally, providing not just military aid but als standing by its right to defend itself on international platforms. This pause in military aid is at the very least, a moment of hesitation that adversaries could exploit….

As Israel continues to face significant security challenges, the unequivocal support of its principal ally is indispensable. The US must provide not just military aid, it must also send a clear and consistent message of solidarity. This is crucial not only for the stability of the region but for the integrity of international relations where commitments must be honored and alliances respected. The strength of a promise, much like the strength of a nation, is its consistency over time. Allies must not and cannot afford to leave each other adrift, especially when the stakes are as high as national survival.

No editorial comment on the Bidenites’ betrayal of America’s longstanding ally, Israel, has covered so well what is wrong with Biden’s decision to withhold offensive weapons from Israel if the IDF goes into Rafah, as it must if it wishes to destroy Hamas. No other editorial has explained so thoroughly the damage being done to the US-Israel alliance, and to stability in the region, by Washington’s display of a lack of solidarity with Israel, thereby giving hope to Hamas, Hezbollah, and above all, Iran.



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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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