‘Don’t Be Weak And Gay’: 25-Year-Old GOP Candidate Valentina Gomez Goes Viral For Hilarious Video

For true patriots to be silent, is dangerous.” — Samuel Adams

A 25-year-old GOP candidate for Missouri Secretary of State is going viral for a recent video in which she implored Americans not to be “weak and gay. ”

“In America, you can be anything you want, so don’t be weak and gay,” Valentina Gomez, a real estate investor and former D1 swimmer at Tulane University, said in a Sunday Twitter video.

“President Trump and I are leading the charge to take our country back from the weak and gay Biden-Harris administration that has destroyed our nation,” Gomez told the Daily Caller. “I look forward to accepting his endorsement so I can ensure a free and fair election to the people of Missouri, where dead people and illegals will never be voting. All of these cases against President Trump are baseless and if he is facing jail time for defending our freedoms and constitution, I am ready to speak the truth and defend him from this unconstitutional gag order from a compromised judge in the biggest election interference case in history.”

Gomez, a self-described MAGA candidate is “running so [she] can give the people their freedoms back,” she told the Daily Caller.

When asked to give some examples of people being weak and gay, Gomez responded “Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Zelenskyy, George Bush.”

Gomez, who also went viral in February for taking a flamethrower to a pile of LGBTQ books, gave her recommendations on how to not be weak and gay.

“Put God First, Pray, workout, and I do recommend listening to Dr. Jordan B Peterson as well as Andrew & Tristan Tate. Also, get your testosterone levels up,” she told the Daily Caller.

Gomez faces a wide field of eight opponents in her August 6 GOP primary. She was polling at 10 percent, just behind field leader Denny Hoskins at 12 percent in a February Remington Research poll though over half of the poll’s respondents noted they were still undecided.

Gomez’s camp maintains they run their own polls and that she’s ahead in all of them, they told the Daily Caller.





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