The next Vice President of our Republic will be a Constitutional Entrepreneur

President Trumps Vice Presidential pick will NOT be an attorney or a career Republican politician.

He or she will be a businessman or businesswoman with an entrepreneurial spirit who understands constitutional governance with the unfortunate R after his or her name.

The current do nothing weak Republican Party membership in Congress that is funding Joe Biden’s destruction of America, with the exception of a few patriots like Congresswoman Margorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga), do nothing for the people they are supposed to represent.

They either indulge in personal gain or carry the water for the low life Communist maggots in the Democrat Party. They call our republic a democracy and most don’t even know the contents of the Federalist Papers.

President Trump is a highly intelligent risk taking capitalist entrepreneur that only tolerates the current republican agenda.

With exceptional skill Trump navigates the GOP base camp of losers because he will need them to support his Make America Great Again plan to fix our constitutional republic.

Our country would be better off with Trump running as an Independent conservative with independents in the majority. My opinion.

If only Americans would only get out of their Republican Party comfort zone and abandon their false promises and fake agenda and leave this useless party. They should regroup as independent Conservatives and embrace Constitutional governance.

The IRS, the Commerce Department, the Department of Labor, The Center For Disease Control the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Education, etc. etc. etc. serve no constitutional agenda and must be abolished.

Don’t forget the cancerous canker sore of the United Nations infesting New York City also funded by the bottom feeding Republican low life’s in Congress. The UN are the sewer rats spreading an unconstitutional Marxist agenda in our backyard.

This group of anti-Semitic Marxists must be removed from our republic along with all the foreign pro Palestinian students in our universities on F1 and F2 visas. The nation of Palestine doesn’t even exist it never has.

The new president of Argentina gets it and he terminated the government socialist departments I mentioned above in his country.

The new president of Panama gets it too and soon he will block the wide open water faucet of illegal immigrants entering his country en route to the US border.

President Trump also gets it and soon he will terminate the Communist Marxist agenda started by FDR and injected forcefully into our republic by Obama the atheist queer low IQ Marxist who is currently in his third term as installed President Biden’s puppet master.

It’s unfortunate that President Trump is forced to run as Republican but soon he will notify the American people of his Vice Presidential pick who will continue Trumps pro-constitutional entrepreneurial spirit well into 2028 and beyond.

Stay strong patriots and make sure you vote for Trump. Our grandchildren and future generations are depending on you to keep them free of this Marxist Biden/Obama boot currently on our necks.

Our future generations are also depending on us to create a public school system free of Washington, D.C. money, Marxist indoctrination and FBI harassment and instead we must rebuild a school system ran by local school boards with a constitutionally strong curriculum.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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