CNN’s Jake Tapper, who called Trump’s presidency a ‘nightmare,’ tapped to moderate presidential debate

Jake Tapper is perhaps the most vicious and repulsive Trump-haters on “news” television. Yet, Tapper will be monitoring the first Trump-Biden presidential debate.

Another Trump-hater Dana Bash with be co-moderating the debate with Tapper. President Trump better be prepared for some of the nastiest and bias treatment one could imagine from Tapper and Bash. Trump should also prepare for the possibility that Biden will have advance notice of the questions.

By Fox News, May 16, 2024

CNN’s Jake Tapper, who called Trump’s presidency a ‘nightmare,’ tapped to moderate presidential debate

CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who in recent years has become one of the most prominent anti-Trump voices in the liberal media, was selected to moderate CNN’s Presidential Debate between the former president and President Biden.

It was announced Wednesday that Tapper will co-moderate the debate with CNN colleague Dana Bash on June 27 in Atlanta after both candidates agreed to the terms.

But Tapper’s hostile coverage of Trump and Republicans will perhaps offer a preview of what Trump should expect going into the key political showdown.

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Meet the two CNN “moderators” for the first debate.

A look back at comments made by CNN debate moderator Jake Tapper, who called Trump’s presidency a “nightmare,” linked him to Hitler, retweeted that he’s “100% insane,” and spearheaded CNN’s Russiagate coverage.

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