Operational update on the IDF battle in Rafah

NEWSRAEL: While National Security Advisor of the United States, Jake Sullivan is arriving today for talks in Israel — the Biden opposition to a Rafah operation is mute. Israel is in Rafah. Fact.

Despite the slow advance of the IDF to the center of Rafah, due to US envoy Sullivan’s visit, there is fighting and the cleaning of the neighborhoods that have been occupied so far in East Rafah.

Let’s hope that after Sullivan leaves the IDF will quickly advance to the center of Rafah, the Philadelphia axis is partially occupied (semi-fast) and the city itself is almost completely empty

  • The mayor of Rafah admits that since the beginning of the IDF operation, a total of over 950,000 refugees have evacuated from the city
  • Israeli tanks are advancing from the Brazil neighborhood towards the Kashta neighborhood and Saladin Gate
  • Tanks arrive at the Al-Shawi land in the Jenina neighborhood from the direction of the Al-Tanur neighborhood
  • Fighting around the eastern cemetery – at the end of the Jenina neighborhood, and in the Al-Tanur neighborhood (in orange)
  • Aerial bombings and artillery shelling in Jenina neighborhood, Al-Salam neighborhood, Brazil neighborhood, Kesheta neighborhood, Al-Balad neighborhood, Barbara neighborhood
  • The IDF blows up houses in East Rafah
  • The IDF found dozens of tunnel shafts in eastern Rafah

The occupation of Rafah expands — another division entered Rafah

The Reserve Brigade “Hangev” (12), entered Rafah and joins Givati, Commando and Brigade 401, now there are 4 brigades in Rafah — twice as many as at the beginning of the occupation of Rafah.

NEWSRAEL: It will be very interesting to talk with the National Security Advisor of the United States, Jake Sullivan who claimed earlier this month that it would take weeks to remove the residents of Gaza, and such an operation would mean “horrific cost of innocent lives”.

IDF BATTLE VIDEO: IAF takes out top Hamas officer

Abu-Daqa was an operative in the terrorist organization Hamas who served as a leading figure in the supply department of the terrorist organization Hamas and promoted the transfer of weapons and funds intended for terrorism in the Gaza Strip.

During the last day, the Air Force forces attacked dozens of terrorist targets, in one of the attacks an Air Force aircraft, directed by the 215th Fire Brigade, eliminated two commanders in the tactical level of the terrorist organization Hamas who were preparing to attack our forces in the Rafah area.

Dramatic IDF VIDEO of destruction of Rafah tunnel

IDF engineer unit blows up and destroys a large terror tunnel.

The 7th Brigade Combat Team fights in the heart of Jabaliya

IDF spokesperson: Identification and elimination of RPG squads, encounters with terrorists and destruction of launchers; The 7th Brigade Combat Team fights in the heart of the city of Jabaliya

The forces of the combat team of the 7th brigade are fighting in an intensive manner and are conducting battles with terrorists in the heart of the city of Jabaliya.

The fighters of Unit 636 and the fire complex of the 7th Brigade identify armed terrorist squads and direct attacks to eliminate them, and direct dozens of attacks to assist the forces operating on the ground.

The fighters located many weapons including explosives, anti-tank missiles, Kalashnikov-type weapons, anti-aircraft missiles and grenades.

Also, as part of the attack on Hamas’ launch capabilities, the forces located rocket launchers and a lathe for the production of weapons.

EDITORS NOTE: This 301 The Arab World column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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