UPDATE: Iranian helicopter crash — teams have still not found the crash

Dozens of rescue teams and eight dogs have been dispatched to find the chopper carrying the Iranian president and foreign minister, according to emergency authorities.

An EMS chopper failed to land in the area due to heavy fog and had to return, an emergency spokesman said.


  1. The crash of the presidential helicopter compared to the 2 that survived raises many questions in Iran.
  2. All those who know about the so-called Iranian Air Force know that it is full of old planes and helicopter that most are unfit for flying because of sanctions. The helicopters are in the worst condition.
  3. This is a BIG hit to the Iranian regime’s projection of superiority and religious beliefs.

Iran TV Fars network reporting from the area.

Report by Fars journalist who is present with the search and rescue teams.

The fog in the area is very intense and thick and the horizontal visibility is less than 5 meters.

It is also raining in the area.

The area being searched is mountainous and forested, and this problem has slowed down the search operation.

NEWSRAEL: Unless they know where the helicopter is exactly, and it doesn’t seem that they do… things do not look good for the president and the Iranian ministers.

The helicopter of the Iranian president suffered a hard landing, rescue forces are trying to reach the helicopter.

These are first official reports from Iran. If this is true or not, nobody knows.

What we can learn from the report:

  1. The helicopter with Iranian president Raisi and Foreign Minister Amir Abdallahian aboard crashed.
  2. The area, presumably in Eastern Iran is experiencing bad weather.
  3. Rescue teams are on their way to the scene, but the helicopters are in a difficult area and this could take some time.
  4. According to the Iranian News Agency: Unable to make contact with the helicopter

There is also a question: If there were three helicopters, why didn’t they take the president and the foreign minister to safety?

Drones have been sent to the area in hope of finding the helicopter

The Headline of the Khabar Network: The difficult weather conditions and the heavy fog made the efforts of the rescue teams difficult.

A report from local media that wrote: “According to local sources, the helicopter carrying Raisi and his friends crashed in the inaccessible forests of Pir Daud”

The accident happened in the area of the city of Varzeghan, about 100 km northeast of Tabriz. A relatively desolate area in northern Iran.

According to the local media, the search is concentrated in the north of Iran when the fog is particularly thick and it is not possible to see beyond 5 meters. On top of that, it’s raining in an area that is mostly mountainous and forested, making it even more difficult to search for the helicopter of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi

NEWSRAEL: We must remember – Iranian “presidents” come and go. The ultimate arbiter, in all matters in Iran is the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, the present-day Hitler who works practically to destroy Israel.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Iran President Ebrahim Raisi, supreme leader’s protégé, dies at 63 in helicopter crash

Iran’s President Raisi, Foreign Minister Die in Helicopter Crash – Truth Press

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