CALIFORNIA: A Biden Illegal Alien Raped Children and Women in Locked ‘Rape Dungeon on Wheels’

His white Ford Transit van — described as a “rape dungeon on wheels” — had no windows and was “disgustingly outfitted for a*pe,” said police sources.

This is a “r*pe dungeon on wheels” that belonged to an illegal. They found children’s toys inside with condoms and ropes. This monster who’s in our country illegally would lock women in here and r*pe them. Absolutely horrifying.

‘Rape dungeon’ allegedly run by illegal immigrant in Calif.

An illegal immigrant who allegedly used a “rape dungeon on wheels” to attack his victims was arrested on Monday by California police officials.

press release by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office explained that 40-year-old Eduardo Sarabia was arrested on May 13 and charged with “one count of forcible rape and one count of forcible oral copulation.” Fox 11 reported that Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies allegedly caught the illegal immigrant in the act of sexually assaulting a victim.

Fox 11 first reported the accusations against Sarabia after an anonymous source shared that a woman had escaped from the “rape dungeon on wheels” in the San Gabriel Mountains. The source claimed that the illegal immigrant picked up his victims at the El Monte train station.

“As District Attorney, it is my solemn duty to pursue justice for victims of violent crimes, especially those involving sexual assault,” District Attorney Gascón said in Thursday’s press release. “The horrific and violent sexual assault that these two survivors endured by the alleged suspect is deeply troubling and incomprehensible. Our thoughts are with the victims during this tremendously difficult time.”

According to the press release, Sarabia is currently being held in custody without bail and is scheduled to be arraigned on June 27. If Sarabia is convicted, he could face up to a life sentence in prison.

Detailing the charges against Sarabia, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office noted, “On May 12, Sarabia allegedly drove a female victim to a secluded area in the Angeles National Forest where he raped her. On May 13, Sarabia allegedly drove a second female to the same location where he sexually assaulted her.”

Fox 11 reported that investigators described Sarabia as a transient and illegal immigrant from Mexico. The outlet reported sources indicated that Sarabia used a 2015 Ford Transit van with no windows in the back as a “rape dungeon on wheels” to attack his victims and that the vehicle was “disgustingly outfitted for rape.”

In a Wednesday Facebook post, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said, “Based on the nature of the allegations, detectives believe there may be additional unidentified victims. Detectives are seeking the public’s help in identifying any such victims.”

Pictures shared Friday on social media show Sarabia alongside the alleged “rape dungeon on wheels.”



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