Biden Regime Authorized the Use of DEADLY FORCE During the FBI’s Raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

If Trump had been present – and not cooperated – the Democrat regime would have killed him.

This is the easiest way to get rid of political opponents – as proven and perfected by many dictatorships and banana republics since time immemorial…

Trump posted this on social: “WOW! I just came out of the Biden Witch Hunt Trial in Manhattan, the ‘Icebox,’ and was shown Reports that Crooked Joe Biden’s DOJ, in their Illegal and Unconstitutional Raid of Mar-a-Lago, AUTHORIZED THE FBI TO USE DEADLY (LETHAL) FORCE,” Trump posted on his Truth Social. “NOW WE KNOW, FOR SURE, THAT JOE BIDEN IS A SERIOUS THREAT TO DEMOCRACY.”

The FBI’s Conspiracy to Shoot Trump

Trump highlights Biden admin authorizing ‘deadly use of force’ in Mar-a-Lago raid

FBI said it followed standard protocol in its August 2022 raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida

By Brooke Singman Fox News, May 21, 2024 9:15pm EDT

The Biden administration authorized the use of deadly force during the FBI’s raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida in August 2022 as part of its investigation into classified records, court documents revealed.

“The FBI followed standard protocol in this search as we do for all search warrants, which includes a standard policy statement limiting the use of deadly force. No one ordered additional steps to be taken and there was no departure from the norm in this matter,” the FBI told Fox News in a statement Tuesday.

An “Operations Order” produced in discovery as part of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into Trump’s alleged improper retention of classified records revealed that the “FBI believed its objective for the Mar-a-Lago raid was to seize ‘classified information, NDI, and US Government records,’” as described in the search warrant.

The order, according to a court filing, contained a “Policy Statement” regarding “Use of Deadly Force,” which stated, for example, “Law Enforcement officers of the Department of Justice may use deadly force when necessary.”

According to the filing, the DOJ and FBI agents “planned to bring ‘Standard Issue Weapons,’ ‘Ammo,’ ‘Handcuffs,’ and ‘medium and large sized bolt cutters,’ but they were instructed to wear ‘unmarked polo or collared shirts’ and to keep ‘law enforcement equipment concealed.”

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3 replies
  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    At the federal level we are now living in a Banana Republic Police State.

    This order had to have originated with corrupt Attorney General Merritt Garland and approved by occupant of White House Biden or started at FBI then approved by Garland and authorized by Biden. Either way this is totally uncalled for.

  2. William Miranda
    William Miranda says:

    Democrats couldn’t find a patsy like Oswald. Besides, it would have been too obvious. So they had all the agencies send classified documents in boxes to Mar-A-Lago to then raid the place to label Trump a traitor. But, that backfired too. We know now that it was a deliberate setup.


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