Has the Hamas command and Israeli hostages been smuggled through Egypt to an unreachable target?

Is Israel implying that hostages who were in Gaza were taken to Egyptian territory on their way to another destination?

The news channel “Al Arabi.com” quotes the head of the Israeli National Assembly, Zachi Hanegbi, as saying:

“The possibility that Hamas will take the hostages out of Gaza through tunnels does not make sense because the Egyptian army is deployed in Sinai (and it would undoubtedly have prevented their passage into Egyptian territory).

We found 11 tunnels on the Philadelphia route, which borders between the territory of Gaza and the territory of Egypt, and we have no evidence that hostages were transported through there (on their way out of Gaza to another destination).”

If we believe this report, that the words were indeed said by the senior Israeli security official, the following questions immediately arise:

Does Israel hereby place the responsibility on Egypt to block the possibility of taking the hostages out of Gaza… and it doesn’t matter if the General of the 2nd Army, responsible for the border between Gaza and Egypt, received a million dollars in bribes from Sinwar, will Israel collect the price of the loss from them?

Second thing: There are 11 tunnels, at least, that were active until recently between Gaza and Egypt, so it is very possible that Israeli soldiers and women, and possibly other Israeli civilians who were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 and hidden around Rafah near the Egyptian border, were moved out of Gaza on their way to Iran or another destination while paying heavy bribes to Egyptian security officials in Gaza to allow this. According to the Israeli official, this is definitely a possibility that Israel understands can happen!

Not that they haven’t talked about it in the past, but this is the first time that Israeli officials say publicly, and almost directly, that Hamas actually had the potential to do this.

So we will continue with the question that immediately pops up in the mind of the average reader: “…… so why didn’t they block this option already at the beginning of the campaign shortly after October 7?”

In conclusion, we all must be aware that our hostages, and indeed, the Hamas command, may not be in Gaza at all.

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