As the ICC Fans ‘Pathetic Lies,’ Israeli Experts Say ‘We Were Gaslighted by [Biden] from the Outset’

The $300 million boondoggle known as the Gaza pier has been a floating flashpoint ever since President Joe Biden commissioned the project. Now, a few weeks into America’s buoyant humanitarian program, three U.S. soldiers have been injured (one critically) and most convoys of supplies and food have either been ambushed or looted by Hamas terrorists, never reaching its intended civilians.

To be fair, both parties had reservations about the idea, which they aired in a Senate Armed Services hearing back in March. “One of my concerns is security for this operation,” Delaware Democrat Chris Coons said at the time. “Because if the U.S. military is seen to be building and operating it, I think it puts it at greater risk.” On the opposite side of the Capitol, House Armed Services Chair Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) pointed out that “nobody can answer who’s going to provide the security, who’s going to provide the drivers, and who’s going to load and unload stuff?”

Now, less than a month into the “solution” for suffering Gazans, the Biden administration’s insistence that Hamas — not Israel — control the operations there has become an absolute, taxpayer-funded disaster. “… [T]he United States has made it very clear to Israel that it doesn’t want Israel to control [Palestine], including the distribution of food,” Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor of Jewish News Syndicate, told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on “Washington Watch.” “As a result, we had reports last week that Hamas has actually earned $500 million since the beginning of the war by selling the humanitarian aid that the international community insists that Israel be bringing into Gaza. So this entire thing in a way [is] humanitarian relief for Hamas,” she insisted.

“… [T]he United States spent $300 million … to build a pier in Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid by sea. And none of the hundreds and hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid that has been brought to that pier has been delivered to anybody in Gaza,” Glick pointed out. … One convoy was commandeered by Hamas and just seized. And every other convoy comes under attack. So it’s all this pathetic lie.”

And it’s all feeding the anti-Israel anger that’s driving bodies like the International Criminal Court (ICC) to hold Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accountable for crimes he’s not committing. “[There are the ICC’s] claims of starvation, which are untrue. … The claims of famine, which are untrue; the claim that Israel deliberately targets civilians for killing, which is untrue. All of these things are geared towards one goal. And that goal is for Israel to be forced to capitulate to international pressure and allow Hamas to survive,” Glick argued. “These are all demands that are being made, all allegations utterly false, that are being waged against Israel because the people who are waging them want Israel to lose this war.”

For all these claims, she pointed out, “There hasn’t been any documented evidence that anybody is starving in Gaza, except for the 128 hostages from Israel that Hamas kidnapped to Gaza on October 7th. So those are the only people we know for certain are starving. Most of the terrorists that Israel has arrested during the course of the war have been fat to obese,” Glick wanted people to know. “So we’re not seeing any privation in terms of food shortages among the members of Hamas that we’re seeing, and we don’t really see it among civilians. They just celebrated the Ramadan … their holiday for holy month. And there were no reported shortages of food for Ramadan. So all of this is just a fabrication, and it’s used in order to foment an Israeli defeat in this war. That’s what it’s all about.”

Perkins believes the entire narrative is being fanned by the ICC and international community to keep Israel from finishing the job against Hamas. It’s the “nefarious mix” of fake news, Glick said, that “all leads to this idea that there’s something criminal about Israel defending itself from the people who committed unspeakable atrocities on October 7th. And, you know, they started the war, they invaded, they massacred 1,200 people in the most sadistic way known to humanity in ways that nobody ever imagined before.”

And yet, she went on, “We were being gaslighted by the Biden administration from the outset. And talk of humanitarian crisis started a week after October 7th, when there was plentiful food and water inside of Gaza. So this is a deliberate fabrication to criminalize Israel and deny us the right to self-defense, much less the right to defeat our enemies. It’s very, very extraordinary.”

It’s escalated to such a point that “you have a prosecutor who has no jurisdiction over Israel … and now he wants to issue arrest warrants against a prime minister, our democratically-elected prime minister and our defense minister, for leading the country in a war for our national survival. … The Germans want to arrest the leader of the Jewish state for defending Israel against modern-day Nazis. That’s an unbelievable statement. And yet, here we are.”

Israel is a much stronger ally than Ukraine and certainly Afghanistan to the U.S., so “you would think we would actually work extra hard to make it easier for Israel,” Perkins pointed out, “but it looks like we’re working extra hard to make it difficult for Israel. And why?”

Incredibly, Glick said, the Biden administration is “unflappable” — even in the face of “the greatest atrocity that mankind has seen since World War II.” Even October’s horrors haven’t moved them “one millimeter from their conviction that the biggest problem is that there’s no State of Palestine for the very people who conducted these atrocities. Don’t forget,” she pointed out, “85% of the Palestinians, not only in Gaza, but in Judea and Samaria as well, support what happened on October 7th. Over 90% of Palestinians said that they are more proud to be Palestinians today than they ever were before October 7th. So these are the people that the White House thinks need to have a sovereign state.”


Suzanne Bowdey

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.

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