Enjoy the meltdown! Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ‘Warns Public Schools Might Close’

YES! Public school systems are deservedly losing students to school choice options.

Duval, Broward and Miami Dade are three of Florida’s largest school districts that have lost substantial numbers of students.  Broward alone lost 49,000 students.  Across Florida private school attendance has increased by 50,000 and Home Schools by 50,000 last year.  Scholarships have increased by 217,000 for school choice.

Competition is the answer to better educated; less indoctrinated students.

Teach Florida’s youth how to think, not what to think!

One of biggest problems in public education is the negative influence of teachers unions like the National Education Association and local affiliates who are not concerned with student performance but rather with teacher benefits and support LGBTQ agendas.

Politico Panics: FL Gov. Ron DeSantis “Wildly Successful” In School Choice, Warns Public Schools Might Close

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American public schools have been declining for decades. We used to score at or near the top in the world for education in maths, the sciences, reading comprehension, writing skills, etc. Now? We trail behind (among other nations) China, Estonia, Korea, Finland, and Singapore.

American students actually graduate high school unable to read or write at the sixth grade level. But don’t worry, we’ve been long assured by the ludicrous left: students just need to be coddled, not taught; they need to achieve their best by ‘being’ and by discussion and group struggle sessions, not boring old lectures; they need to be embraced for their feewings about maths (2 + 2 = purple is just as correct as, say, “4” because feewings and ‘felt experiences’). Besides standardized tests are racist and scary . . . unless you actually know the freaking material and can answer the questions posed.

Add on the American public school teachers’ unions, the activist ‘teachers’ being churned out of activist campuses, and you have a clear recipe for disaster in terms of American public education.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is having none of it. He’s not allowing DIE to kill Florida’s schools and colleges, and he’s not letting teachers’ unions kill Florida’s children’s futures. Instead, he has fought for years to allow parents to decide where their children are educated, to make the right and best choices for their children’s futures. Parents—finally given a choice—are deciding, in droves, that failed federal government-run public schools are not adequate for their dreams and hopes for their children’s future.

In keeping with his promise to stand with Florida’s families, to defend them against the federal government’s and public teachers’s unions assault on public education, DeSantis has championed school choice, vouchers, and homeschooling. He has remade the K-12 education system in Florida so that parents are free to choose what kind of education their child or children receive. This is wildly popular in Free Florida.

It’s not so popular at Democrat hactivist site Politico.

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