The Formation of a New Dutch Government

Dick Schoof

The new candidate for Prime Minister of the Netherlands is Dick Schoof. He has been top civil servant, in the field of security. It is very likely that he will be appointed.

I would prefer that Geert Wilders become the new Premier. The people have designated him as the winner of the free elections in our country. However, for the people who REALLY hold power in our country, he is too extreme.

Should Dick Schoof become the new Premier, we will get more of the same again. We will then continue on the old and wrong course.

The Dutch Government is flouting the Dutch Constitution.

They do this in the following ways:

  1. All members of a new Cabinet must have been on the ballot paper. Now Mr. Schoof is proposed as Premier, while people could not cast a vote for him.
  2. A new Government must be formed within 3 months of the election. If this fails, the people have the right to new elections. Now the formation has taken much longer. So we have a right to new elections.
  3. A caretaker Government may not put signatures on any document. The Rutte Government, which is outgoing, does this anyway!
  4. A caretaker Government may under no circumstances contact any foreign power. Prime Minister Rutte and his Ministers do so however.

I am not making all this up. I learned this during my studies in political science at the University of Amsterdam, when I was taught Constitutional Law. I was told that these laws are immutable.

End of support for Geert Wilders

For about 20 years I have supported Geert Wilders. I trusted him. I thought he would do something against the Rise of Islam, once he would get political power.

He is now selling out his beliefs and ideals. Wilders wants Dick Schoof to be the next Dutch Prime Minister. Dick Schoof is a bureaucrat, who worked for the Dutch secret service. He is also a life long member of the Dutch Labour Party.

Nothing good will come from this. I will not cast my vote during the upcoming elections. I’m angry at Geert Wilders, but I’m also fearful for the future of my country.

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