This is where the War in America will start!

Mentioned below are some comments regarding the briefing “Where War in America will start.”  Directly below my remarks is the actual link to the briefing by former 24-year veteran Border Protection Assistant Director JJ Carroll.

If you go to my national show ARIZONA TODAY, you will watch an interview and conversation with Gen. Flynn and me.  I have been truly privileged to have met Mike shortly after he left the White House and Trump Administration.  We enjoyed (at least I did, he might suggest otherwise) many phone conversations.  As I stated during my show and in writing when I distributed the show, Gen. Flynn and I talked with no microphones, no cameras, no other people around in ear shot, and this gentleman was sincere, real, not pretentious or pompous, and truly a lover of God and this nation.  He was not putting on a show, as there was no one around.

Six months ago, Gen. Flynn shared concerns with several of the extremely real possibility (probability) that severe civil unrest is looming come late July into August and even September.  Said civil unrest appears to be developing in 16 cities across the country, all of which are controlled by socialist agenda promoted by socialist believers holding elected office or high appointed offices like City Manager.  At the time of the briefing cities of such as Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Phoenix were mentioned.  Secondary threat assessment strongly shows hard core criminals from Haiti, Venezuela, Mexico even Middle Eastern released from prisons having been imprisoned for serious acts of violence, including but not limited to murder, rape, severe bodily injury assault, child sexual engagement.

The gangs delivered into our country have set-up operations in the aforesaid cities and are in the process of developing “turf zones” they claim they own!!  This fact now comes into direct opposition to the locals (Americans) who have lived in those areas their whole lives.  As stated in the video report I distributed narrated by former Senior Border Protection Assistant Director JJ Carroll, all that is needed to ignite a serious and explosive with firearms, etc. incident is for an illegal to push a local or business or community and a flash point shall ignite.  Depending on the severity of said ignition and reaction by locals, other named cities could follow most quickly.  These incidents shall be shooting conflicts along with severe damage to any remaining businesses in the areas, and even destruction of infrastructure.

The situation in Chicago is so serious that the Democrat National Convention is now looking to either relocate their August convention or to place it online or zoom.  For the most part none of this is being reported publicly by any media.

With appreciation,

Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.


SUBJECT OF BRIEFING: Armed conflict Scenario to erupt mid to late summer


J.J. Carrell, 24-year Border Protection Official, releases detailed information during tour in Chicago with a Black Community Leader, Mr. Mark Carter.  Carrell deliberately chose Chicago given his knowledge of illegals being deliberately dispersed across America.  Former Agent Carrell began his briefing with these words, “Chicago is a war zone and Trump described this a forgotten America.”

I will not go further allowing the briefing you are about to hear instruct you.  The video presentation is 22 minutes.

“THIS is where War in America will start… right here!”

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