POLL: Pro-Hamas Protesters are Democrat Supporters

The Democrat party of jihad Jew hatred.

‘Yup’: Elon Musk affirms informal poll claiming pro-Hamas protesters are Democrat supporters

The informal poll found that 79.6% of X users believe that pro-Hamas protesters are supporters of the Democratic Party.

By Jerusalem Post Staff, May 29, 2024;

Elon Musk, the owner, executive chairman, and CTO of X Corp, responded “yup” to a Monday poll on his platform which found the majority of users believe that pro-Hamas protesters are likely supporters of the Democratic Party.

The poll, of 748,398 users, found that 79.6% of X users perceived pro-Hamas protesters of being supporters of the Democratic Party.

Musk also reposted the poll, describing the findings as “interesting.”

The informal poll expressly used the term “pro-Hamas” and not pro-Palestinian, which leaves some room for interpretation amongst those polled. The terminology was commented on by multiple X users, some who claimed that “Anyone who conflates pro-Hamas and pro-Palestine is being disingenuous.”

There was also no alternative option offered beyond “Democrats” or “Republicans.”

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