VIDEO: Ukraine Attacks Early Warning Nuclear Systems in Russia, Which Alert from the Direction of Iran?

Watch this 13:00 minute video which describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 29th of May 2024.


hello my dear friends you’re in the

military with summary Channel and this

short video we’re going to discuss the

most important events that took place

during the previous night of the local

time we have lots of very interesting

updates and first let’s talk about the

southern part of Russian Federation the

Russians reported that they managed to

discover another drone above armavir so

this is very important because I’ll

remind you that armavir is the area

where we can find another early warning

system of Russian Federation the system

that will warn Russians if United States

of America or somebody from the South

will start launching the nuclear

missiles or maybe even cruise missiles

I’ll reminded that just a few days ago

according to information we have the

Ukrainians have already damaged or let’s

say attacked one of these early warning

system and as a result of the strike as

you can see the early warning system was

damaged pretty damag but this is not the

most important the most important is

that during the previous weeks there

were series of attacks on the same

objects the second one was attacked in

the vicinity of the Town by the name of

oras so what is important from these two

attacks of course From perspective we

see that ukrainians continue attempts to

attack these early warning systems but

let’s discuss these early Warning

Systems in details first of all let’s

take a look at this map that show us

that both early Warning Systems early

warning systems were covering the

southern part of Russia not of in Russia

but southern part Southern direction

from Russia and there are few important

things few important notes that I would

like to discuss with it first of all

both systems don’t cover Ukraine so

Ukraine don’t have any purpose to attack

these early Warning Systems because this

early early warning system even doesn’t

look at Ukraine this is the first

important thing the second one is both

Warning Systems covers completely covers

Iran take a look at this map carefully

this is the first um this is the first

early warning system that was damaged

and this is the second one and both of

them covers Iran so which means that

most likely the Western countries when

they were attacking these two system

the main goal of those attacks were to

Blind and to make Russia and Iran blind

let’s say in this region so that means

that maybe Iran was the main target of

those two attacks the second thing is

that the both two systems both two

Warning Systems were covering such an

interesting and very small country in

the Middle East by the name of Bahrain

this is the country by the name of

Bahrain and according to information we

have there is a let’s say the base of

United States base of fif’s Fleet which

also Al has cruise missiles and probably

this Fleet also have nuclear weapons so

for now we can make a conclusion that

ukrainians were walking in favor of NATO

countries trying to make blind Russia

and Iran from attacks from the south

that could take place from Bahrain at

least it’s like a projection some maybe

small speculation and the and today’s

video that ukrainians continue bombing

and attacking the systems confirms that

ukrainians still haven’t managed to

complete their job they will continue

doing this and this this is a very big

problem for Iran and Russia as well

because now they need to find the

solution how to stop ukrainians doing

this more precisely how to stop Western

countries native countries to use

Ukraine for these purposes now let’s

move back to Ukraine we have a lot of

very interesting updates first once

again let’s discuss France today macron

also published and shown us the map and

showing that we must allow Ukraine to

strike military Targets on Russia terit

Russian territory from which it attacks

Ukraine so this is very important

statement and the statement not about

whether the Ukraine are going to attack

Russian territory or not this is the

permission not for ukrainians you need

to understand this because if Ukrainian

let’s say reading quotes soldiers and

officers will attack attack Russia that

means that it will be Ukrainian Western

officers French officers German officers

United States of America officers who

will use the uniform of Ukraine or maybe

even not and they will configure and set

up the Western weapon to attack Russian

territory so when macron says that we

must allow Ukraine to strike military

Targets on Russian territory he says

that we must allow the French Troopers

who would be redeployed on the territory

of Ukraine to attack Russian territory

and we will allow Russ French Troopers

to do this so nothing more so this is

not the permission for Ukraine this is

the permission for French Troopers that

most likely are already on the territory

of Ukraine about the Western troopers on

the territory of Ukraine today we got

another report that inol region near the

settlement of sambir a high Precision

weapon strike hit the base of

accommodating Personnel of the Armed

Force of Ukraine confirming closest

among Ukraine Armed Forces Personnel are

up to 300 soldiers so that means that

follow the uh um this situation most

likely there were also the uh let’s say

foreign volunteers and maybe even the

soldiers from different Native countries

including including France so this is

the situation furthermore we got some

report about the military trainings and

according to Ukrainian sources the

mobilized will study last not two months

but a month and a half so this of course

will affect the quality of these

soldiers and most likely this will

increase the losses from the Ukrainian

side now let’s move to the line of

combat contact we have additional

updates uh on the ground the first

important is that according to different

mappers the crinian as result of counter

offensive operation managed to restore

control over some territories let’s say

from towards Lan so some tree lines some

forests were recaptured by the

ukrainians so according to different

mappers this territory is already under

Ukraine control for now we haven’t

received any delegations confirming this

we will this is probably the first time

Ukrainian counts attacks and we need to

adjust the Russian territory control so

we need have some consultations and

after that we will decide what to do but

according to Doctrine we should adjust

the map based on the let’s say mappers

based on the let’s say conclusions of

reliable mappers furthermore we have

updates from non-reliable mappers that

the Russians managed to improve their

positions further from lip in direction

of nuch zon and to capture additional

Tre line on this direction so uh we will

not adjust the map because the mappers

who confirm who provide this information

is not 100% reliable but this is very

important statement if it’s true now

let’s move to vchan the Russians

continue pummeling and bombing Ukrainian

forces in the northern part so a lots of

military experts are saying that this is

like a part of tactics a part of tactics

that the Russians are using they’re not

going to uh they’re at this stage of the

special military operation this is not

in their interest to capture towns and

Villages very fast from the beginning

since the beginning of the special

military operation the most important

Target of the Russians the the most

important goal is to reduce the

Ukrainian manpower to reduce the

Ukrainian Army and to do this of course

is better is better way B approach for

doing this is to force the ukrainians to

concentrate their forces in highrise

building buildings to concentrate forces

in towns in build in villages not in

trenches and Fields but somewhere in

something like where in buildings among

the buildings and then to bomb and

attack these territories with adap 1,500

or probably with Fab so this is like the

Russian approach Russian tactics that

allows them to reduce the Ukraine Army

significantly now let’s move to Copan

SCA we have a very heavy heavy let say

high activity from the Russian side on

the line

klov kurov kin significant number of to

to strike significant number of attacks

from the Russian side so the Russians

are pushing the Russians are pushing and

are forcing the ukrainians to fall back

further to the West significant number

of artillery systems that were destroyed

lots of warehouses ammo Depots were

destroyed during the previous 24 hours

so the Russians have complete

superiority and the ukrainians have a

lot of problems to redeploy forces from

the West uh from ascol River to the east

in direction of kovka kovka today we got

additional reports from mov according to

information we have from different

Russian sources

the Russians began started offensive

operation from bista to stov and

according to some updates the Russians

managed to answer the first buildings

and the first streets of the village of

course it’s too significant I would say

that we need more details or more

additional updates to confirm this

information but once again to repeat um

the Russian Source according to

different sources answer still mavka

already from the North and the from from

direction of birista in NASKA

furthermore we have additional updates

that Russians contining their positions

in the village by the name of mesara

according to different mappers this

territory is already under complete

Russian control so the battle for S

mavka is in active phase the Russians

are pushing from the north the Russians

are pushing from the south and most

likely the ukrainians would be forced to

fall back under the pressure from at

least three or even four

directions now let’s move further to the

South we have Russian activity in the

vicinity of makfa different mappers

continue updating their Maps let’s say

in the vicinity of novad Jana now there

Russians control the forest completely

there are few defense belt few

strongholds to the Northwest and to the

northeast of makfa but if we increase

the numbers of this since the beginning

of months we see a certain activity of

the Russian forces the Russians are

perating with broad Frontline attack and

most likely during the next few days

after stabilization of the front line

they will continue offensive further to

the South now let’s move further to

chavar direction we haven’t received

almost anything during the previous

night just few mappers confirmed

additional Russian progress between

bagdanov and kalinovka and when talking

about kalinovka the Russians continue

hunting the green armored vehicles

establishing complete control over the

main Supply road that goes from the

central to the Eastern chavar but when

talking about situation and the progress

on the ground we can make a conclusion

that during the previous night there

were no additional progress of the arm

let’s say of the um forces of Russian

Federation now let’s move further let’s

move further to AA area where after very

short operational pass the Russians

renew their offensive uh most important

updates are coming from the ex sua yova

the Russians continue improving their

positions let’s say in the fields along

the Bala babaka babaka so this is the

small River and the Russians continue

improving their positions trying to forc

the Ukrainians to fall back from this

Bank of Bala babaka to the Ukrainian one

and we have updates from the pro

Ukrainian deep state map that the

Russians also improve their positions

and capture another stronghold let’s say

between uh the Ukrainian positions

trying also the main idea of the

Russians is to force the ukrainians to

fall back let’s say to the west of from

from let’s say Eastern side of this red

line to the Western so this is the main

Russian goal and Russians need to

maintain the line of combat contact to

shorten the line of comment contact and

to establish control over something like

this it will allow them to accumulate

forces in One Direction and to continue

further offensive operation in direction

of noas cap and noov and the Russ this

is exactly what the Russians are doing

right now more more updates are telling

us and confirming that the Russians

began storming of carav there are very

heavy clashes exactly along the let’s

say vadan and carav kot reserver for now

we don’t have any gations confirming

this furthermore the Russians continue

improving their positions to the south

of Nala getting closer and closer to the

Village by the name of Nisa so of also

it’s just a question of time when the

Ukrainians would be forced to fall back

from this Village as well now let’s move

kagor nothing gor nothing Kar nothing M

Constantine nothing and now we’re moving

to the most important area of the

previous night eastor as you can see we

have significantly adjusted the map we

have a lots of updates different mappers

confirms that Russia established control

more than let’s say 90 80% of the

village with deep state map confirms the

same most of the village is already in

the gray Zone according to deep State

and we have additional videos of more

Russian attacks with significant number

of armed Vehicles which confirms that

Ukrainians show no resistance the

Russians they basically don’t have anti

tank missiles and tank equipment so the

Ukrainians are abandoning most likely

the village will be captured by the

Russians today on the 29th of May in

during the next few days or somewhere by

the 2 or 3rd of June the minist of

Defense of Russian Federation after all

clearing operation will announce about

complete control the Russians from their

side continue bombing and attacking the

villages further to the north trying to

slow down theine reinforcements and

reserves that ukrainians are sing from

the north to the South but we see the

ukrainians are not very successful in

this process we have more faps and more

strikes inside the vasova the main base

of the armor of the forces of Ukraine

and in this area and most likely the

Russians will try to get as close as

possible to the town trying to restore

control over the territories they lost

during the Ukrainian greatest counter

offensive we we don’t have anything from

uh let’s say rabot as well as from hon

and uh probably that’s it for the short

video military with Samar Channel

reminds we condemn any violence in the

world thank you for watching subscribe

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Patreon and have a good day bye-bye

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog video posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.


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