Trump’s Poll Numbers SPIKE, Raises STAGGERING Amount of Money After Soviet Style Conviction

The law of unintended consequences ….

Trump Breaks Record with $34.8M Single-Day Haul

Donald Trump gets a SIX-POINT bump in approval after being found guilty on 34 counts according to snap Daily Mail poll: ‘I think it was a waste of taxpayer money’

  • JL Partners used a panel of 403 likely voters to asses the impact of guilty verdict
  • The results showed an improvement in Trump’s favorability ratings

By Rob Crilly, Dailymail.Com, 31 May 2024

Teflon Don rides again, according to an exclusive snap poll for which found that the guilty verdict in Manhattan only improved the former president’s standing with likely voters ahead of the 2024 election.

Of those who said the 34 guilty counts had changed their view of Donald Trump, 22 percent said they now had a more favorable rating compared with 16 percent who said they viewed him more negatively.

That six-point net positive result is another sign of the way the businessman-turned-politician seems able to ride out crises that would sink anyone else.

Click here to view the infographic: Trump’s favorability rating after guilty verdict.

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