FBI rigs 2020 election by denying Hunter’s laptop was real, but somehow it gets admitted to court as evidence

For once I would like to be Hunter Biden’s lawyer.

I would show the 20 minute video of enemy propaganda video pushing the FBI narrative that the Laptop was Russian disinformation.

I would then say that to admit the Laptop was in fact saying that the FBI and the executive branch of the U.S. government are lying.

And either the court itself was therefore accusing the FBI and President Biden of perjury, and either way none of this is credible.

It probably should be thrown out of court. And then Hunter and Joe should be arrested for treason and the FBI defunded for rigging the 2020 election by hiding the laptop which they know they had, and they know was real.

The court is in a pickle. To allow the evidence from the laptop means ignoring something about a billion times bigger than a tweaker with a revolver.

Here is what a Maoist mass-line narrative attack looks and sounds like, and above, is how it was used to disenfranchise every single American. To negate elections.

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  1. Gw
    Gw says:

    So let me get this right, stormy Daniels supoosed payoff affected the 2016 election but Hunter Biden‘s laptop being hidden didn’t affect the 2020 election? That’s what the crooks want us to believe. Two tier justice.


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