VIDEO: Joe Biden uses D-Day speech to brag about killing Russians

Joe Biden traveled to Normandy, France, on Thursday to join world leaders for the anniversary of the D-Day invasion during World War II.

Biden used his D-Day speech to promote NATO’S war of aggression against Russia.

Biden probably doesn’t remember, but Russia was a U.S. ally during World War II. Without Russia, the Nazis would have almost certainly won that war and we would be living under Nazi rule today. Russia sacrificed more men in World War II against the Nazis than any other nation, by far. It basically wiped out a whole generation of Russian men who bravely defended their homeland against a massive ground invasion by Hitler’s troops. Many Russian civilians also died. A staggering 27 million Russian troops and civilians perished under the Nazi invasion.

But Biden used the commemoration of D-Day to brag about his own ability to kill Russians. This dishonors every one of the few remaining World War II veterans, most of them in their late 90s and early 100s and living out their final days, only to hear weasel politicians like Biden rewriting history.

Biden stood at the podium in Normandy Thursday with a smirk on his face and stated: “They’ve inflicted on the Russian aggression. They’ve suffered tremendous losses in Russia. The numbers are staggering. Three hundred and Fifty Thousand Russian Troops dead or wounded.”

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