INSURRECTION: Violent Pro-Terror Rioters Storm the White House Calling For Jihad and Terror in America

“This is not just a Hamas problem. It’s not just a problem isolated to Israel and Jews. It’s a crisis caused by leftist radical culture which jumps from one extremist revolutionary imperative to another. This is a culture that thrives on violence and terror. Another generation will protest just as eagerly for ISIS as they now do for Hamas. They will call for the destruction of America as loudly as they now chant for the elimination of Israel.” — Daniel Greenfield

It was always about taking down America.

White House Mob Calls for Jihad, Intifada on American Soil

By: SMG Newswire, June 8, 2024

Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters surrounded the White House and clashed with federal officers, including the Secret Service. At one point Secret Service officers were forced to retreat when they were overpowered by the rioters.

The mob held up a fake severed head depicting President Biden and desecrated a number of monuments and memorials. Many waved Palestinian flags. Others displayed banners calling for jihad and martyrdom while others chanted for the deaths of Israelis.

“Hezbollah, Hezbollah, kill another Zionist now,” the mob chanted.

Video also shows park rangers coming under attack by the mob. Several officers were hit by projectiles that had been hurled through the air. The New York Post reports that protesters threw smoke bombs over the White House security fence.

The Hill reports that additional public safety measures including anti-scale fencing have been put in place near the White House complex. Police deployed tear gas to break up the crowds.

So far, no one has been arrested. The White House perimeter was not breached. And this is what an actual insurrection looks like, America.

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