Report: Noa Argamani was held in Al Jazeera reporter’s apartment

Arab journalist Abdallah Aljamal killed while reportedly attempting to prevent the rescue of a female hostage he held captive in his apartment.

Noa Argamani, the 26-year-old Israeli woman who was rescued yesterday in a daring raid by the IDF after eight months as a hostage in Gaza, was held in the apartment of an Al Jazeera reporter, according to Open Source Intelligence Monitor, as reported by Israel National News.

According to the report, Noa was held by Abdallah Aljamal, “a photojournalist and writer/editor for both Al-Jazeera and the Palestinian Chronicle.

The Palestinian Chronicle reported that Aljamal was one of the Gazans who was killed during the rescue, which it called the “Nuseirat massacre.” OSIM reported that Aljamal and several members of his family were killed while attempting to prevent the rescue.

Noa was held in a separate apartment and a different building from Andrey Kozlov, Shlomi Ziv, and Almog Meir Jan, who were rescued at the same time.

Noa Argamani’s kidnapping became one of the symbols of Hamas’ attack on Israel. On October 7, a video was published of Argamani and her boyfriend Avinatan Or being kidnapped from the Nova music festival.

Noa’s mother Liora published a video addressed to US President Joe Biden in November begging that he ensure that she would be able to see her daughter one last time due to her terminal brain cancer.

Noa was reunited with her family following her rescue Saturday morning, including both of her parents. She celebrated her father Yaakov’s birthday, which coincided with the day of her rescue.


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