Four Marxist Cornell College Instructors Stabbed in Communist China

More news coming out of Communist China stating that four American teachers/instructors from the Marxist Indoctrination center in Cornel College, Iowa have been stabbed in a park while visiting a Communist controlled temple in Jilin.

It’s important to remember that Marxist Cornel College in Iowa has had a strong symbiotic relationship with the Communist government ran Chinese university in Beihua since 2018.

One of the four American Cornel Marxist college instructors stabbed in the attack in Communist China was David Zabner the brother of Communist Democrat Iowa state representative Adam Zabner.

Iowa State representative Adam Zabner is your typical Marxist socialist with a Venezuelan mom and dad who also advocated communism by supporting Hugo Chavez. My wife is from Venezuela and she spits on these evil Venezuelan Communists.

Adam Zabner the brother of the stabbed Cornel College instructor is a chip off the old Communist block who volunteered while in High School for Comrade Obama’s Communist “transform America campaign” into a Socialist utopia. He also was a volunteer for the homosexual sodomite Pete Buttigieg.

Adam Zabner’s campaign included advocating Marxist interference in free markets in Iowa, (like California) letting illegal immigrants invade Iowa (like California) and giving free university tuition to Iowa students who must then be shackled to the state as future employees for pay back.

So these four Marxist college instructors from Cornel College in Iowa with one having ties to a Marxist Iowa State Representative got stabbed and rushed to the hospital all the while the Marxist leadership at Cornell continued to praise the Colleges partnership with the Communist government ran Chinese university and how this affiliation opens up new opportunities.

Nobody was killed in the stabbing so installed Marxist Joe Biden did not lose any potential voters not that it matters he’s soon to be fired from the White House but the march towards a communist America continues even in Cornel College Iowa.

Wake up America.

The Communist Chinese continues to threaten the sovereign nation of Taiwan with military force, they purchase millions of acres of US farmland near military bases and detain at whim American tourists.

American universities are coordinating with the Communist Chinese government indoctrinating our young American students into compliant Marxists funded in part with Federal taxpayer dollars approved by the Republican controlled Congress.

Young Americans today have a limited knowledge on how our constitutional republic is supposed to function so my advice is stay the hell out of these Marxist university indoctrination camps and vote against any politician supporting them.

BTW: Vote for Donald Trump on November 5th.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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