Teens Arrested For Scooter Marks on Pride Street Mural as Biden Regime Defends Hamas Rioters Who Desecrate Historic Statues and Scream About Killing Jews

Driving your scooter over a pride flag painted on the street is hate speech, a felony, but defacing a statue with calls for murder is free speech.

America has crossed the Rubicon.

Also, why do the Democrats paint Pride murals on streets if they don’t want people driving on them?

A Biden campaign spokesperson defended a mob of pro-Hamas protesters who vandalized a number of historic statues in Washington, D.C. and chanted about killing Jews.

As many as 9,000 protesters attacked park rangers outside the White House gates. At one point they circled the building and chanted about killing Jews. At least three statues were vandalized with anti-Jewish messages.

Teens Face Felony Charges For Scooter Marks on Pride Street Mural

A “no-ride zone” has been created around the gay pride mural – causing traffic problems.

By: Todd Starnes, June 7, 2024

Three Washington State teenagers are facing felony charges after they left scooter marks on a gay pride mural that had been painted onto the pavement. A “no-ride zone” has been created around the mural.

Eyewitnesses said four young people rode scooters over the roadway mural and left behind skid marks.

“I am deeply troubled by the repeated defacement of Spokane’s Pride flag mural’” said Spokane Mayor Lisa Brown. “To the LGBTQ+ community, please know that I stand in solidarity with you against all forms of discrimination and prejudice.”

At least three teenagers have been arrested and charged with felonies. They could face several years in prison. Prosecutors had wanted the judge to impose a $15,000 bond.

“We’re not going to sit by as people deliberately commit a hate crime,” one eyewitness told local reporters.

Last month vandals set fire to the roadway artwork.

“These are my fellow citizens that live here,” Spokane City Council president Betsy Wilkerson said at a press conference. “I know it was called vandalism, but it was hate.”

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They literally put teenagers in jail for riding with their scooters on the pride painted road.

Never forget that just days ago Democrats arrested 3 teenagers with felonies for making scooter marks on a street painted with a rainbow. These people, on the other hand, are given a free pass.

Pro-terror protesters VANDALIZE the General Marquis de Lafayette Statue in DC after believing it was a statue of Thomas Jefferson.

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