VIDEO: Interview with Michael Stürzenberger after he was stabbed numerous times by Muslim migrant

One of the saddest elements of this interview is how much Michael was concerned about the officer who was also stabbed, but that Michael did not know the officer had died.

The officer even at the time of the interview was already essentially dead, but being kept alive on life support for organ viability, and was declared dead a couple of days later. But Michael’s character and decency really shows in his concern for others after having been savagely stabbed in the face and legs multiple times by an illegal in Germany determined to show how peaceful Islam is.

Michael Stürzenberger interview from Hospital room

This feels a little redundant, but for anyone left on Planet Earth who does not already know, Islam commands its followers to strike at the necks of the unbelievers. It does so in multiple places in the Koran, as well as across the cannon of Islamic scripture.  All of this can be found at the website, The Religion of Peace.

RAIR article can be seen here.


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