Our Forefathers Truly Appealed to Heaven

I am excited to share that my quick reading book is now available at these locations:

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Coming soon on Audio Book.

I deliberately made this a quick reading view of the influence God played in the founding of America and our principles.  The men who sat in Independence Hall, debated, and formed our exceptional nation would not consider themselves heroes but men placed in extraordinary circumstances that required extraordinary cooperation with what God was calling them to accomplish.  Today in America, we need an army of such men and women willing to submit (cooperate) with the founding principles, not the present-day diluting and erasing taking place.  We need people to stand for truth as servant leaders with great humility and grace and with great courage and conviction to defend the documents and ideals that made this nation exceptional.  We need ordinary heroes who are willing to pay the price, demonstrating obedience to the Lord’s ways, not man’s, and to serve with sincere joy and thanksgiving for what He has done in them, and for our country.

We have only a few months to save this nation from being permanently ruined by Marxists and others who despise America and all our foundational principles.  Similar to our founders, we need people to stand and begin running toward the battle, not simply waiting for others to do so, begin yourself!  I am asking you to take a chance and purchase my book.  I am asking you to read it carefully (it will be surprising quick and easy), and then truly order several copies for your family and friends.  I am asking you take this step in faith, help me bring back the love and vision our Forefathers were given and had in making this exceptional nation.  Please…order for yourself and then give thanks.  Then order for homeschoolers, charter schools, churches, all who claim America is unique, and we are on the verge of losing this exceptional nation.

THANK YOU with my whole heart for taking a chance and ordering my book.  I sincerely believe you will be blessed for doing so.

Most gratefully,

Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.


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