A Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals

As a former Soviet defense attorney, who loves America, I have been writing about Socialist Charlatans fighting the American political system for decades. Alas, people don’t know the Italian world Charlatans, which are Con men or women—criminals. They don’t like America and fight us in all aspects of our lives. Time is short, the 2024 election is coming in five months and I have to use the help from outside friends, who share my opinion, to identify Socialist Criminals for the American people. The first outside friend is:

Americas Tree Press Home of Canada Free Press

Evil comes in all forms, and in this case, it’s a sneaky ice cream-eating career politician doing the bidding of despicable globalists

Biden’s Border Band-Aid, Too Little, Too Late, And Done for The Wrong Reasons by Milt Harris — Bio and Archives, June 1, 2024

“This plot by the Biden administration and the Democratic party is nothing more than a ruse. They are trying to put lipstick on the pig they created and are hoping that the American public will swallow yet another lies from the master of lying. The Biden administration and the Democratic party are made up of the most dangerous group of narcissists in American history. They have an agenda and come hell or high water; they will push it unceasingly. This is all part of that plan. Having nonchalantly allowed over 10 million illegals into the country, they now want to put a band-aid over a gushing wound and walk away unscathed. Don’t let them get away with it… Vote them out!”

I have been writing about Democrats’ plot against the American Constitutional republic for forty-three years. Yes, I am writing about the Evil of Stalinism, which comes in all forms, and in this case, it’s a sneaky ice cream-eating career politician doing the bidding of despicable globalists. Mitt Harris is right, the globalists are despicable, they are led by Vladimir Putin in their fight against Western civilization and American capitalism. Read my columns about Vladimir Putin, he is a crony-capitalist, keeping alive the old system and KGB mission by only changing the name of the agency to a current FSB. President Trump is an existential threat to both Putin and Dem Biden: they are colluded to fight Republicans and American capitalism. They are a Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals!

Please, keep in mind: There are no Mexican Cartels, those are the Russian Cartels in Mexico and the Russian criminal gangs like MS-13 are infiltrating American soil and inflicting enormous damage to us—a deliberate Putin/Biden plot. Mexico is a failed state, it has been infiltrated by the Soviets since 1950-60th. Today we have a global invasion on our sovereignty by Russian terrorists and Socialist criminals. If you want to learn the story of how the Soviets infiltrated Mexico, read my column Stalin’s Cult of Personality in Biden’s White House March 11, 2024. Read about the Spanish Civil War and Spanish Orphans. Also read my column: Treason: The Putin/Biden Partnership May 18, 2024. 

The next friendly help, an eloquent one, came from Conservative Magazines, Jun 4, 2024

Here Are the Connections Between the People Behind Trump’s Prosecutions

Politics Here Are the Connections Between the People Behind Trump’s Prosecutions. Conspiracy is a strong word, but the interlocking cliques are undeniable.  The American Conservative, Matt Wolfson, Conservative Magazines, Jun 4, 2024

“The prosecutions of President Donald Trump seem resistant to interpretation because of their strange combinations of intricacy, sordidness, and impact. The cases are filled with details that overwhelm and repel: affairs, thefts, hush money payments, cardboard boxes near toilets, the alleged complicity of property managers and valets. At the same time, their political effects are enormous, even overwhelming. Taken as a whole, the cases discourage sustained engagement, which may explain why many Americans have seemed disassociated from them, despite the drumbeat coming from both established and insurgent media.”

I can’t compete with Mitt Wolfson in eloquence and I won’t describe the rest of the text. You should read it. I only tell you that the piece written by Mitt Wolfson is very thoroughly researched, I would call it a brilliant investigation of the people behind Trump’s prosecutions. There are more than dozens of people with names unknown to me and explanations of their activities during many years. They are all Democrats connected to Biden—the unity of an inner circle.

Donald J. Trump, his lawyers, and supporters should read the piece and become familiar with “ the interlocking cliques.” I love this sentence: “Conspiracy is a strong word, but the interlocking cliques are undeniable.” Maybe, now Americans will grasp the meaning of Socialist Charlatans—these “interlocking cliques are undeniable.” I have been writing about them for the last forty-three years…

Moreover, the piece of the Democrats’ unity gave me the name of a KGB’s member there, I have written about him in some columns years ago. His name is Rahm Emanuel. Though this is my opinion about him, but…President Biden appointed him an Ambassador to Japan!? It looks to me quite important to discuss that connection. Treason is a strong and dangerous notion, it is Evil of different forms, united by human indent. I have used the notions of treason and “Fifth Column” in America since January 2021 of Biden’s presidency and Rahm Emanuel is inside the unity of all Democrats. They are a Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals!

On 8 July 2022Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan and a serving member of the Japanese House of Representatives, was shot to death while speaking at a political event. His assassination shakes Japan and humanity. Shinso Abe was a world leader, a close friend of America and friend of Western civilization. As a Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals managed by the KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer, assassination of Shinzo Abe shocked me, too, and I expressed my opinion writing a column: Global Operations of the KGB Mafia/Army July 22, 2022.

The Putin/Biden partnership began in Ukraine, when Obama appointed Biden as a point man to fight Ukrainian corruption. You can’t imagine the level of Soviet corruption of pro-Russia dealers in Ukraine. The owner of Burisma was a pro-Russian man. By his quid-pro-quo speech Biden has exposed himself as a man helping Putin and pro-Russian dealers to suffocate young Ukrainian democracy. The Putin/Biden partnership is still alive, coinciding the agenda of both: Biden is printing money to bankrupt American capitalism and Ukraine gives him the opportunity; besides, he has some money back in his coffer. Putin, a KGB man, treasured these ties. Evil comes in many different forms, read my column: The Truth: Putin’s Socialist Revolution in America, August 11, 2022

Biden’s Mental Capacity?

It is not a matter of age, but a matter of Biden’s mental acuity. It was obvious for me that President Biden is in cognitive decline. A former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and Representative Ronny Jackson, a former M.D. of the White House are right: Biden’s mental fitness is a matter of national security. Biden’s mental capacity is the subject of discussion on all TV channels, radio, and computer. People across America are having eyes and ears. Americans are very fair people, who love their country and are quite upset by the Biden domestic policy, 72% think that we are on the wrong track. They don’t know Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism, Biden has been implementing during three-and-a-half years in America. Biden’s absence of mental capacity hit the world stage on 6,6,2024 as he struggled through the D-Day ceremony. What a shame!!!

The veterans of WWII noted decisive changes in the country: one of them said: “I don’t recognize America.” June 6, 2024 marks 80th Anniversary of D-Day, an invasion that was a turning point of our Victory in WWII. The world had sacrificed thousands of lives fighting German Fascism to secure our freedom and freedom of occupied Europe. I am a victim of German Fascism and the Victory in WWII I felt as my personal victory, victory of humanity. My family arrived from Leningrad (St, Petersburg) to Gaisin, Ukraine for vacation on June 21,1941, three houses before Germany announced a war against the Soviet Union. Gaisin is located several miles from the border. The story of our survival you can read in my book Baltic Winds Testimony of a Soviet Attorney Xlibris, 2002.

Having lived in America for four decades, I celebrated every date connected to the Victory in WWII. Moreover, I realized that America had help me to survive then in the Soviet Union. I will never forget the American “ tushonca” a can of pork with a lot of fat inside, provided the Soviets by Land Lease. Many Soviet people survived, eating those cans of pork with a lot of fat, as there was not much other food in the USSR. Getting accommodation in America was a God Blessing for me.  And listening Biden, who didn’t mention Israel and millions of Jews killed by German Fascism in his speech on D-Day has greatly stressed me. Instead, Biden tries to alarm people that democracy is in danger by Trump’s MAGA. Biden repeats over and over shocking lies about Trump in order to push Radical propaganda on the public. I have interpreted it as a non-stop infiltration and influence of Russia.

The Russian influence began somewhere in the 1960th by fraudulent Stalin’s idea of abortion and pro-choice. It was time when the Russian Intel began its infiltration into the Democrat party and you can see how abortion discussion has been influenced by Russia’s fraud. The premise of abortion is clear—prevention of pregnancy. Socialist Charlatans just moved the time span one bit further and the Republicans, as usual, swallowed a fraudulent hook. The real pregnancy comes to life by the sexual act and the actual choice is a prevention of sexual act. It is action taken before the sexual act that prevents pregnancy and not actions after the fact. Abortion has been discussed in the wrong territory. Read my column.

Russia is a terrorist state, described by me for the last forty-three years. The FBI Director warned us: “The threat of terrorism increased dramatically.” The FBI Director Mr. Wray now afraid of coordinated attacks here at home. Mr. Wray has no clue about the KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer and its activities during the last several decades described in my books and columns. The FBI has expended incredible resources to track down and destroy the lives of peaceful January 6 protesters since 2021. Yet they haven’t arrested a single one of the child rapists who Jeffrey Epstein trafficked all those little girls to in five years!  In my opinion, the Jeffrey Epstein clan is a part of a Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals.

To expose a Multi-National Syndicate of Socialist Criminals, you have to go back in time to expose an ideological chain of Socialist Charlatans. Start with the Bill Clinton presidency and the Clinton Foundation, which I called the “eyes and ears of the KGB.” Clinton established the Clinton Mafia, consisting predominantly of lawyers to help Socialist Charlatans and analyze their activities. You now meet some of them: Lanny Davis, who defended Michael Cohen and Abbe Lowell, a defender of Hunter Biden. Read my columns about those lawyers and read about Bill Clinton in my book: Baltic Winds Testimony of a Soviet Attorney, Xlibris, 2002. By the way, the FBI didn’t want you to read the book and the FISA Court made me a Foreign Agent with consequent sabotage and banning my writings…

Stalin’s agenda to destroy American Capitalism has been a model for Biden’s presidency since the first day in the White House by closing a Key Stone pipeline and waging war on fossil fuel. In fact, Biden’s policy has initiated a global crisis: the natural resources fossil fuel, gas, and coal are the driving force of the global economic engine and there is nothing else now to substitute it. The Putin/Biden plot had established a Globalist World Order against free market capitalism. This is the beginning of WWIII, deliberately choreographed by the Dems to save their traitorous existence. Read my column: The Putin Biden KGB Border Plot, October 17, 2022.

We are very vulnerable today: thousands of terrorists and other criminals are crossing our Southern border and nobody is vetting them. Crime is rising nationwide. Our Universities and Colleges are the center of the” Fifth Column ” supporting Hamas-terrorists and our Commander-in-Chief is lacking mental capacity…  “There is an anti-Semitism afoot in this country, which we haven’t had in a very long time,” Maher is right, “That is coming down from elite colleges who see everything only through a racial lens. They are stupid. They don’t know history. They think everything is about colonizers and racists, and how awful America is,” Maher added. Bill Maher just blew up this terrible lie Hollywood talks about Donald TrumpDeplorable Daily, 6,2, 2024.

Don’t be surprised by the arrogance of the Liberal activist who secretly recorded Justices Alito and Roberts at Gala. We are in a dramatic chaos in America due to the Dems’ treason! Vote them out!

To be continued www.simonapipko.com and at Simona Pipko

©2024. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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