Biden commits U.S. taxpayers to 10 years of ‘blank check’ funding of war in Ukraine: War’s ‘dark side’ includes organ harvesting and child sex trafficking

Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Zelensky are planning to sign a deal for long-term US military assistance for Ukraine, a country whose government we now know is involved in the trafficking of children for sex and harvesting the organs of its own soldiers for profit.

If that sounds too sensational to be true, read on. The evidence is hiding in plain sight. See post below from X, and I will provide a video later in this article that contains more proof of what’s really going on in Ukraine. It will turn your stomach.

But back to Biden’s filthy deal with the devil. The deal commits U.S. taxpayers — we the people — to 10 years of arming and training the Ukrainian military, and feeds the military-industrial complex that holds sway over the majority of our elected members of Congress in both parties.

There is one small kernel of good news: Because the deal is a so-called “executive agreement” and not a formal treaty, it can be undone by future American presidents.

CNN previewed the deal, reporting:

“An annex in the agreement will lay out how the Biden administration plans to work with Congress on the implementation of the security commitments, specifically the long-term funding that will be needed to support Ukraine’s defense.”

So, we taxpayers are basically underwriting the defense of a foreign regime. I wonder what our Founding Fathers would think about that?

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby stated that the US “will continue to be right up front and clear” at the G7, and that Washington “will take bold steps to show Mr. Putin that time is not on his side and that he cannot outlast us, as we support Ukraine’s fight for freedom.”

Let’s call it what it is: A blank-check commitment to a corrupt foreign government that has completely obliterated the freedom of the Ukrainian people. Elections have been canceled. Media outlets and churches that voice opposition to the war have been closed, young and middle-aged men are being kidnapped and sent to die at the front. How is this freedom?

But the Western corporate media thinks this is great. They don’t even question it.

Watch this breathless report (below) from a very excited ABC News reporter, whose only lament is that the deal could be canceled by a future President Donald Trump.

She could hardly contain her excitement. Ten years worth of transfers of hard-earned U.S. tax dollars to prop up an illegitimate dictatorship in Ukraine. Zelensky has canceled elections and is serving beyond the scope of his term in office, and our tax dollars are paying not only him but his military and the pensions of his bureaucrats. I wonder how many Americans are even aware of that, or how many are aware of the child sex trafficking, organ harvesting, biolabs, and other scandalous activities going on in Ukraine.

Don’t believe me? Check out the report below from former Fox News reporter Clayton Morris on the “dark side” of the war in Ukraine.

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