A Little History of Karl Marx and Perhaps the Central Motivation for the Dialectical Method

The following video is a discussion between Jordan Peterson, and a historian who has made it his mission to chronicle the life and motivations of the person credited with inventing communism, Karl Marx.

I say credited, because it appears that in fact what he did was weaponize the Hegelian dialectical method.

The Hegelian dialectical method, once you get right down to it, is nothing more and certainly nothing less, than a method to destroy everything. Yes, everything. not to create something better, although it could be argued that persuading people to join the mission by making the claim that it was to make a better world, might be a dialectic all on its own. But to destroy everything. In the big picture, things like feminism to destroy the family, male-female relations and ultimately, as Stephen Coughlin points out. to destroy women as autonomous people in the way in which Plato described as desirable.

Much of the deep dive into dialectics is understanding its mechanics. Which is in fact a different system of thought, and does twist the brain around trying to understand it in our own Western terms. Which is partly why it works so well. No one believes that people can or would think like this, and no one wants to take the effort to understand it.

As an example when one tries to explain Trudeau in these terms, everyone rightly says they don’t think he is smart enough to understand this stuff. But like the Chinese 5 year old who speaks Chinese, it doesn’t take a genius when that is how you are raised.

But the basic fact is that dialectics is about destruction. The Trans-sexual thing being one of the most obvious dialectics in several ways.

In the following video, Marx’s favorite quote is revealed. It is a quote attributed to Mephistopheles.

“Everything that exists deserves to perish.”

And there you have it. Perhaps this is at the heart of why leftists are so full of hate and rage. Why debate is anathema. Why non-applicable insults and accusations are made against those who support Western Civ and especially perhaps, people who maintain Jewish and Christian beliefs.

Communism is the practical application of Hegelian Dialectics. Hegelian dialectics is simply opposition to all. And even as communists manage to replace the healthy and normal with their own warped and destructive constructs, once it becomes normalized, it too comes under fire from Marxists. This is already happening to transsexuals as we saw it happen to normal homosexuals who otherwise are happy healthy participants in Western Civilization.

Communism is a never ending revolution against the normal at every level.

And perhaps now we know why.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column with video posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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