There is No Such Thing as Social Justice Here

Another element of the secular value system.

Where is it promised (and by who) that Life is FairThere is no such promise!

In fact, the exact opposite is true: Life is guaranteed to be unfair and unjust!

In addition to just bad luck, every citizen of the planet will have unfairness and injustice repeatedly thrust upon them due to one or more of their: nationality, age, gender, weight, height, appearance, intellect, sexual preferences, economic status, health, language, associates, education, beliefs, habits, etc., etc.

In other words, we are continuously treated unjustly due to perceived dissimilarities.

Wouldn’t it be great if people had no biases, and didn’t engage in inequitable treatment for fellow travelers with any of these differences?

If we are going to have an aggressive campaign for “social justice,” then why stop at the nationality issue? (BTW, the claim that US minorities are being disproportionately harmed by law enforcement isn’t supported by statistics.)

So why not: Seniors Matter, Women Matter, Intelligence Matters, Height Matters, etc?

The bottom line is that (even assuming good intentions) this business of trying to make Life “fair” (i.e., social justice) is pounding a round peg into a square hole. It’s tackling an impossible challenge. This means that the leaders of such movements: 1) are ignorant about life’s realities, or 2) have a very different agenda.

Another MAJOR matter here is that current “social justice” campaigns are NOT about individual injustices, but rather purported group injustices. These groups are amorphous categories like “minorities.” And there is also the insidious time factor: are we talking about current injustices, or things that happened 500 years ago?

Further, the proponents of social injustice have no qualms about causing new individual injustices, supposedly to deal with a group injustice. What is happening in women’s sports is a perfect example of this hypocrisy. What these campaigners are creating is a new maligned group (women athletes) who in the future will have to be compensated for the absurdities imposed by today’s social justice alarmists!

This is typically what happens when humans fabricate value systems on the fly. As explained in a prior commentary, this is really about establishing a secular religion (value system) to replace the Judeo-Christian standards America was founded on. Please watch this excellent short video on Social Justice


There is nothing wrong with trying to improve our lot and our society — as long as we keep things in perspective. So what should we do when faced with an apparent social injustice? How about:

  1. Make sure we understand all the facts. These days we are inundated with rumors, one-sided stories, misinformation, and outright deception.
  2. Once a response seems appropriate, start by assuming the best about the apparent transgressor. That person may actually be the bigger victim.
  3. Begin with a positive response. The adage that we get more with a drop of honey than a gallon of vinegar has great merit.
  4. In responding, don’t cause another social injustice in the process. Don’t get caught up in a group response that may well have a completely different agenda.
  5. Often the most effective response is setting a good example (e.g., consistent with the new Testament). Make sure your own house is in good order before casting a stone.
  6. Pray for the perpetrator. They are likely a sad soul in need of help.

What do we do when such remedies and changes are slow, or ineffective?

It comes down to having reasonable expectations. If we expect that Life can be made to be fair and just for everyone, then we have bought into an illusion and are guaranteed to live a life of frustration and unhappiness.

On the other hand, if we accept that Life is always going to be unfair, then we focus on saving our own soul so that we get to the place where everything will be fair and just.

Put another way: God is the only hope we have for Social Justice.

Our attempts to substitute human standards for God’s, are laughably incompetent.

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