The “Evils of Whiteness”

Yet another element of the secular religion. 

Since Conservative organizations aren’t engaged in a well-coordinated response to the Left’s mendaciousness, it signals the Left that they can get away with pushing the boundaries even further. Like a child testing the resolve of their parents, this will continue until they get appropriate resistance, or they succeed in attaining their goals.

For a while now their target has been America. Since they can’t (yet) take that on directly, the Left’s strategy has been to undermine its pillars (Science, Family, Religion, Freedoms, etc.). In arguably their boldest attack to date, they have been repeatedly proclaiming the incivility and criminality of being white.

Most white people think that this friction is just about racial differences — but they could not be more wrong. Racial inequalities, real or imagined, are just a spark to ignite an explosion, to blow up their much bigger target: America.

Simply look at what the Leftists (e.g., here) are identifying as evil characteristics of being white, and see how few actually have anything to do with racial injustices. Remember, everything on this list is characterized as being BAD:

  • The Scientific Method
  • Objective, rational linear thinking
  • Quantitative emphasis
  • Independence and autonomy
  • Self-reliance
  • Must “do something” about a problematic situation
  • When taking action, intent counts
  • Majority rules
  • Justice based on English common law
  • Property protection
  • Respect for authority
  • Rules for communication are based on the “King’s English”
  • Avoid conflict
  • Be polite
  • Holidays based on Christian religions
  • Primacy of Judeo–Christian traditions
  • No tolerance for deviation from the single-god concept
  • Hard work is the key to success (Protestant work ethic #1)
  • Work before play (Protestant work ethic #2)
  • Adherence to time schedules
  • Plan for future
  • Delayed gratification
  • Tomorrow will be better
  • Having a written tradition
  • A nuclear family (father, mother, 2.3 children is the ideal social unit)
  • Children should have their own rooms, be independent

Again, we are being advised to discard ALL of the above, simply because they are supposedly “white norms,” that non-whites have been “oppressed” into following.

The reality is that every tradition, practice, belief, rule, etc. has an origin that can be traced back to Adam and Eve. If we want to assign blame, they are the ones who made a bad choice. Our options are:

  1. We can double down on their error and go further into the abyss, or
  2. We can learn from their mistake and choose God as the answer.

In other words, as long as we are trying to substitute secular (human) value systems for Judeo-Christian standards, we will continue on a downward spiral to a VERY dark and destitute place…

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