A Bad Omen

A Taliban weapons expert undergoes surgery on his left hand in a London hospital. It is March 2001, and war is brewing in the world.

The weapons expert from Afghanistan has been practicing with an explosive in a cell phone. The bomb went off too soon and he sustained a huge wound on his hand. There was no doctor in Afghanistan who could help him, so he flew to England for help.

At the hospital, the attending physician immediately sees that the man is lying about how he got his wound. The MI5 is notified of the suspicious patient. The MI5, England’s domestic secret service, now sends its own surgeon to the hospital to assist in the operation.

The Afghan’s hand is saved through a complex operation. The assisting doctor inserts a small transmitter in the middle of the Afghan’s little finger. He knows nothing about it.

Later that year, the horrific attacks on the Pentagon, the World Trade Center in New York and another passenger plane take place. Nearly 3,000 people are killed in the process. The U.S. is in shock, vowing revenge.

It is now December 2001. A team of Navy Seals is given a secret mission to interrogate, and eliminate, a famous Taliban weapons expert. It involves a commander, who had been operated in London, and now lives near Kandahar. Kandahar is a major Taliban city in southern Afghanistan.

Through invisible drones, flying back and forth over Kandahar, the exact location of the mission’s target is known.

It is now morning, and the sun is slowly rising over Kandahar. The Taliban commander is meeting with a group of fighters on the plain north of the city. They do not realize that there is a drone hovering in the sky above them, relaying very sharp video images to the Americans.

The 15 Navy Seals in charge of the mission arrive by Chinook helicopter from northern Afghanistan. They land with shock on the plains of the desert country, 1 kilometer from the mission objective.

Before exiting the helicopter, they say a prayer. While praying, 1 Navy Seal drops a bottle of water. He says “sorry,” and throws the bottle away.

The Navy Seals quietly leave the helicopter. 1 of them is a sharp shooter (sniper), and he takes up a position on a small hill.

He shoots the Taliban commander’s friends (10 men). The other Navy Seals cheer!

The sniper puts his rifle in the chinook, and all of them run toward the commander. It is difficult terrain, and their legs are getting tired.

Exhausted from running on difficult terrain, they arrive at the Taliban commander’s house. He waits for them with his hands in the air, as a gesture of surrender.

The leader of the team of Navy Seals now stands before him, saying:

“We are the US Military. You will be interrogated”.

1 of the commander’s friends, however, turns out not to be dead. He saw the others killed, and dived to the ground to pretend to die. In 1 action, he shoots 3 Navy Seals dead from a lying position. He appears to be very handy with his gun, and took aim at the faces of the Americans.

The 12 remaining Navy Seals take him out with a rain of bullets from their pistols. The interrogation begins!

2 Navy Seals grab the Taliban commander by his arms. They twist his arms on his back as far as they can so that he feels pain. The leader of the Navy Seals now asks him:

“How many bombs did you make for Al Qaida?”

The Taliban commander, now also being kicked in the backs of his knees, answers:


The question is repeated. The Taliban commander now answers:


The Navy Seals leader sees in his opponent’s eyes, that only lies are rolling across his tongue. He now points his pistol at his forehead, and asks him:
“For the last time. How many bombs did you make for Al Qaida?”

The commander, a proud Pashtun warrior, now shouts as loud as he can:

“1 million!!!!”

The gun’s trigger is pulled. The commander collapses. He who sows death shall reap death.

The 12 Navy Seals now report to the base in northern Afghanistan, that the mission is complete, and that the Chinook should come.

When the Chinook now lands near them, they first load the bodies of their fallen comrades. Then they get in themselves, and depart back to their base.

[ *** ]

A group of donkeys that had come with the Taliban detaches. The animals panic, and they run as fast as they can back to Kandahar. There, a group of Afghan women see them. The women see the animals, hear their bleating, and immediately know:

“Allah Akbar. A great war is coming”.

©2024. Matthys van Raalten. All rights reserved.

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