One Night in Kabul

We are writing the year 2019. President Trump rules the United States, a once very powerful country now in decline.

In the Pentagon, a fierce battle rages between old-fashioned military and new forces that want everything to be different. The new forces believe they are tasked with reforming the entire military: homosexuality must be allowed to be openly professed, and there must be much talk about America’s slavery past. The old-fashioned military sees a danger to the “unity” of the armed forces.

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In Afghanistan, everything is heading the wrong way. There is very little fighting left because the Taliban know that Trump has decided to withdraw all his soldiers. The Taliban are now very confident. Their commanders are openly walking all over the country among the local population.

Afghan soldiers, trained by the US, fight only for money. They are totally oblivious to danger. Many of them are addicted to heroin…. Although there are more than 100,000 Afghan soldiers, their combat strength represents nothing: they lack the ethos of the warrior.

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Somewhere in America, at a secret military base in a forest, 8 Green Berets are given a mission by a US Army general. They must kill a Taliban commander who wants to export heroin to the West.

The Green Berets are trained in Judo strangulation techniques. The intention is that the assassination will resemble a cardiac arrest, i.e., a natural death.

They will have 2 weeks to prepare for their mission. A language expert from the CIA will teach them the basics of Pashtun. A student of Arabist Robert Spencer will teach them how Jihadists interpret the Quran. While the general is explaining all this to them, a senior representative of the CIA begins to protest! He is disgusted that they are collaborating with followers of Arabist Robert Spencer! Several soldiers now remove the senior CIA man from the Green Berets building.

[ *** ]

Exactly 2 weeks later, a scheduled flight from Paris arrives in Dubai. On board are the 8 Green Berets, disguised as Afghans. They wear white dresses, with dark blue vests made of pure silk over them. They wear a white cloth around their heads. They walk on sandals. They have nothing else with them except small leather shoulder bags. Inside each of them is 10,000 US dollars and a forged Afghan passport.

At Dubai airport, they immediately buy tickets to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan…

[ *** ]

When they arrive in Kabul, it is already evening. They take a walk to the city center, and start a conversation on the street with locals. These immediately offer them shelter, when they tell them they are for the Taliban.

[ *** ]

The next morning, as soon as the sun rises, the 8 Green Berets leave. They leave 200 US dollars behind, in gratitude for the hospitality. A woman in Burka gratefully accepts the money, on behalf of her husband.

They hurry to a villa downtown. There lives and works the senior Taliban commander whom they must eliminate. When they arrive, 4 of the team remain outside to keep watch. 4 others enter the villa.

The commander’s staff tells them where the study is. They had said that they were carrying an important message for the “Mullah,” which they must hand over in person.

Arriving in the study, a struggle immediately ensues. The commander is a huge guy! He says nothing, but fights like a lion! The 4 Green Berets finally get him in their power, by twisting both his arms on his back. However, 1 of them received a graze on his wrist during the struggle. This injured Green Beret now instigates a strangulation on the victim, the commander.

As he slowly strangles him, using a technique from Judo, saliva from the commander gets on his graze on his wrist….

The commander collapses. The 4 Green Berets lay him on a bench in his work room. The leader of the team now delivers a hard punch to the enemy’s heart with the palm of his hand. Since the strangulation left almost no marks, it will now appear as if he died of a heart attack.

[ *** ]

The 4 Green Berets who committed the murder now walk happily (but also very tense) out of the villa. Together with their 4 brothers who were standing guard outside, they set off on a run. They run at high speed to the airport. No one recognizes them in the mass of people now on the streets….

[ *** ]

The 8 Green Berets arrive in Dubai. They check into a luxury hotel. From there, they report to their superiors in the US via a secret website. Through a small microphone and a small headset, they get the general on the line who sent them on their way. The leader says to him:
“Our mission was a success. Come pick us up!”

[ *** ]

Upon returning to the U.S., the soldier who was wounded is found to have contracted an unknown disease. He is admitted to a secret military hospital.

His wife will sit by his bedside for another 2 months while he is treated. All over his body are red blisters….

Then he breathes his last, leaving a wife and 3 children in mourning.

[ *** ]

Somewhere in a secret military cemetery, close to the Pentagon, a ceremony takes place for the deceased Green Beret. His headstone will not have his name on it, but the text:
“Deceased due to wounds caused by heroic combat”.

The End

© 2024. Matthys van Raalten. All rights reserved.
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