The Russian Federation Navy Makes an Awesome Port Call into Communist Cuba!

The Communist Woke Secretary of Defense and installed Marxist Mr. Joe Biden continues to try and scare the American people with unnecessary propaganda regarding the Russian Federation’s nuclear submarine the Kazan making a friendly port visit to Communist Cuba.

It’s great that the Russians get to visit a third world country, the atypical warm banana republic. Russians don’t get to appreciate warm tropical weather too often. It’s irrelevant that the Cuban Communist state controlled economy can’t even afford to import toilet paper but the port fees billed to the Russian Navy will bring in some hard cash to the Communist government.

I offer a salute to President Putin for sticking a fork into Biden’s woke agenda as Biden keeps sending our hard earned tax money to fund the corrupt Ukrainian government. Biden even signed a ten year defence pact with Ukraine without Congressional approval or Senate confirmation. Communism is still on the march in the White House.

Biden’s pro gay Navy while trying to celebrate Pride Month with on- base tax payer funded drag queen shows were immediately notified of the Russian Navy’s port visit to Cuba. What a party spoiler. Time to put away the lipstick and hide the “Go Navy” pink Tutu’s.

The Woke Marxist Secretary of Defense responded by having Central Command in Tampa dispatch a U.S. Fast Attack Submarine to Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

The name of this submarine is the USS Helena. It carries Tomahawk Missiles and Mark 48 Torpedoes. The location and deployment schedules of our submarine forces is Top Secret so the Woke led military has once again violated protocol by disclosing the name of the submarine. This puts the family members of the crew at risk.

The U.S. Southern Command also fired off a propaganda statement to the fake news press disclosing more Top Secret information by stating that the U.S. submarine is in Guantanamo Bay as part of a “routine port visit” while transiting the Southern Commands maritime area of responsibility. More Top Secret information disclosing our submarine forces location and schedules handed to our enemies.

The fake news that supports the pro gay U.S. Military and pro-war Military Industrial Complex will report that this Russian Naval presence in the Caribbean Sea is a former Cold War threat. No doubt they will bring up the Cuban Missile crisis under President Kennedy’s watch. Kennedy defused that situation from his CIA monitored landline phone then returned to his mid afternoon nap with Marylin Monroe.

The proper military response to this Russian Federation Navy port visit to Communist Cuba should have been an invitation by the White House to the Russian Fleet Commander to stop by Fort Lauderdale in Florida for a port visit after they get done resupplying Communist Cuba with more toilet paper, Kodak Paper and spare parts for 1952 Chevrolets.

The Russian sailors could have stopped by Port Everglades and picked up some Big Macs and fries at the local McDonald’s or even stocked up on cases of Mountain Dew at an air conditioned 7-Eleven.

The Russian Federation is not our enemy, they are an enemy to Ukraine. The Founding Fathers especially under the leadership of President George Washington warned us against sticking our noses into foreign entanglements.

Now U.S. Tax money is being shipped to Ukraine to fund Zelensky’s military and future pension while Biden blocks the pay raises of the junior enlisted personnel manning the Fast Attack Submarine USS Helena.

Vote for Trump on November 5th 2024 so he can flush then fire these deep state pro gay anti-Semitic cockroaches in the State Department and the White House. Yank them out of their cubicles by their woke ponytail man buns and onto the unemployment line.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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