‘Anarchy U’ Reveals The Battle For UCLA | Trailer Out Now

What started as routine leftist protests in April quickly turned into a battle for the UCLA campus — and the Daily Caller’s investigative reporters were on the ground to document it all.

The Daily Caller’s new documentary, “Anarchy U,” gives a behind the scenes look at the most chaotic campus riot since the 1960s. On April 25, 2024, anti-Israel protesters set up an encampment on the lush campus of UCLA. What happened next makes even the “Summer of Love” look like a walk in the park.

“Anarchy U” premieres June 28 and will be available exclusively to Patriots members. Catch an exclusive first glimpse below.

First, the Daily Caller uncovered the true cost of the Defund the Police movement in “Lawless.”  Then “Rigged” exposed the issue Democrats fear most: how their political machine managed to secure Joe Biden the presidency in 2020. Now, with “Anarchy U,” investigative reporter Cam Higby infiltrates the UCLA protests, documenting the chaos and violence with hours of original video footage.

Higby’s footage shows how the masked protesters set up their own autonomous zone within UCLA. He confronts masked guards and private security as they restricted freedom of movement on the public campus, preventing students from getting to class and denying access to “hostile media.”

Even once Higby made it through the “border,” protesters refused to answer questions — sometimes even reverting to physical violence. They claimed to have no food or water, but aerial drone footage proved they were amply supplied.

Higby stayed on the ground as the situation escalated. With police standing idly by, protesters and counter-protesters clashed in an attempt to tear down the encampment.

This all raised the questions: who’s funding this and why?

Higby has some ideas. The rank-and-file proved ignorant of the questions he asked them about their supposed cause. But the ringleaders know exactly what they’re doing — and their cause extends well beyond the war in Gaza.

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