High Treason

This story is suitable for ages 12 and older.

High Treason

We are writing in the year 2021. Biden is President of an America in decline. Americans are completely fed up with the war in Afghanistan, but they are still there.

[ *** ]

Somewhere in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, a U.S. Marine is taking a walk through a working-class neighborhood.

He looks over his shoulder for a moment, then quickly walks into an Afghan bakery. Large flat breads are displayed everywhere. The US Marine looks at the baker behind the counter, and says:

“Can I please have a half bread with sesame?”

The baker, a man in traditional Afghan dress, and with a long beard, now looks around nervously. He gestures to his customer to walk through to the back of the store.

The U.S. Marine now greets the baker with a nod, and walks quickly through to a door at the back of the bakery.

He opens the door and is now in a large room, with no windows. A fluorescent light is on. On the floor is a classic Afghan hand-knotted rug. There are some chairs made of wood. He closes the door behind him.

An elderly Pakistani gentleman now greets him warmly:

“Welcome my dear friend! So good to see you! I always love talking to you about all matters of life!”

The U.S. Marine and the elderly Pakistani gentleman now embrace briefly, but firmly. They sit down on the wooden chairs, directly opposite each other. A Taliban woman, in Burka, begins making tea in the open kitchen, at the back of the room.

The U.S. Marine now takes out of his pocket a white paper. He tells his host, that he jotted down 20 secret passwords, when he was able to snoop briefly unnoticed in an office at his base that morning.

The Pakistani takes the paper gratefully. He places it on a small wooden table. 2 glasses of tea are now also served on it by the Taliban woman.

The two friends enjoy the tea, talking about President Putin. The U.S. Marine says that until a year ago he was against the Russian leader, but after some reflections on his own country, America, had come to a different conclusion.

The Pakistani gentleman now hands his guest a pile of money: 3,000 US dollars. He hands him a small plastic bag with it, in which the money just fits. The pouch has a drawstring so you can wear it around your hip. The Pakistani gentleman explains to his friend, that he should wear it under his pants, but above his underpants.

[ *** ]

The U.S. Marine has left the bakery again, and the Pakistani gentleman is all alone in the room. He grabs his cell phone. He surfs to twitter, and opens his fake account. His fake account follows no one and has only 1 follower: another fake account. The fake follower’s account is from the Russian embassy in Paris.

He now quickly posts a picture of the paper with the passwords. After 1 minute of waiting, a response comes from a troll. On this, he again deletes the photo from his Twitter account.

[ *** ]

At the Russian embassy in Paris it is now 1 big party. Almost all the staff has come to the large meeting room, where the Russian ambassador is warmly greeted by everyone, and receives compliments.

A Russian young lady says she wants to check the passwords anyway. She sits down at a computer. The other people in the room, however, continue celebrating as usual.

After sitting behind the computer for 5 minutes, the Russian young lady stands up. She shouts:
“The first three passwords are working. We can log into the U.S. government with them. The other passwords probably work as well!”

[ *** ]

In Langley, Virginia, in a large white office building, an elderly gentleman sits behind a state-of-the-art computer. Startled by something on his screen, he raises his right hand.

A classic American woman, his supervisor, now stands behind him, watching the computer screen.

The elderly gentleman said:

“There is now logging into our systems in Washington. Our technical department says it is happening from IP addresses in Belgium and Germany.”

His cell phone rings. He isolates himself for a short conversation. When he returns to his supervisor, he says:

“There has been a visit by people from us to the addresses in Belgium and Germany. They are completely abandoned homes”.

The supervisor now says decisively:

“Let’s call it a day. I don’t think hackers can get to our secrets. It probably involves a computer malfunction”.

[ *** ]

The elderly Pakistani gentleman now leaves the bakery for a walk. He has long since burned the white paper in his room.

As he strolls through the streets, there are Afghans everywhere who greet him kindly. He doesn’t always greet back.

After 10 minutes of walking, he sees 2 American soldiers on the corner of a street having a chat. He decides to stand near them to eavesdrop on them!

He can’t believe his ears!

The American soldiers are talking about their computers in Washington, D.C. being attacked by hackers!

©2024. Matthys van Raalten. All rights reserved.

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