Now Videos of Biden’s Senility Are ‘Misinformation,’ Too

Get ready for ‘Misinformation’ round 3.

When Democrats, their activists and their media declared that disagreement was not a dangerous contagion known as “misinformation”, a ruthless Big Tech/Censorship alliance took off in 2017.

Round one of the Misinformation Wars was about censoring any materials about Hillary Clinton’s scandals while claiming that the only reason Trump won was because of Russian ‘misinformation’.

Round two was based around censoring Biden scandals and any claims that the election had been rigged.

Since history repeats itself as farce, round three is about videos of Biden acting out of it which have been dubbed “cheapfakes” because they supposedly lack context or have been edited and now are being dubbed as “misinformation”.

Whether or not Biden is out of it in a particular scene, is a matter of perception, not fact. And yet here come the fact checkers trying to establish something that only a team of medical professionals with access to the patient could hope to establish.

NBC News: Misleading GOP videos of Biden are going viral. The fact-checks have trouble keeping up.

Misleading is not true or false. And while some videos may be misleading, others are hard to argue with.

After years of claiming that Hillary and Hunter Biden’s scandals were Russian misinformation, we’re on the verge of claiming that videos of Biden looking ‘out of it’ are an assault on democracy and have to be censored to protect the Democrats from democracy.



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