The Road to Hell

It is 2010. The war in Iraq has been going on for 7 years now.

Everyone knows that the war in Iraq can no longer be won. American soldiers have virtually ceased patrolling, retreating to the Green Zone in Baghdad.

The Green Zone is a demarcated stretch of city in the Iraqi capital. It is also where the Iraqi Government sits. The area is inaccessible to ordinary Iraqis.

Northern Iraq in particular is unsafe, except for the Kurdish area.

Insurgents are active in northern Iraq. These are former fighters of Saddam Hussein. They are very brutal.

These insurgents kill foreigners on a continuous basis, blowing up their vehicles with roadside bombs.

The insurgents also kill representatives of the Iraqi Government. And they are killing tribal elders, who are cooperating with the Americans. They do this by beheading them after entering their homes.

Two American soldiers at a base in the Green Zone have secluded themselves. They are two young men from Texas. They are fed up with having to stay on the base constantly on orders of the generals.

One says to the other:

“We are losing this fucking war. It’s not our fault; for we want to fight. It’s the fault of the Pentagon”.

The other now says back:

“They want us to accept homosexuality! That will destroy morale!”

They laugh at their miserable fate, far away from home. They decide to secretly sit behind a computer to find out what the plans are from the Pentagon for the armed forces.

The two Texans manage to sit behind a computer in a small US Marines Corps building. No one is paying attention to them.

“Look what we have here,” one soldier says to the other. “We will not be allowed to criticize Islam in the future.”

They are shocked at all the new rules for the U.S. military, which will be implemented in a few years! In desperation, they decide to desert.

An hour later, they have changed clothes. They are now no longer wearing their green army uniforms, but ordinary Iraqi clothing. Around their heads they put a cloth, Iraqi style.

They leave their weapons in their barracks, then quickly walk out of the Green Zone on their way to the Russian Embassy,

As they walk through Baghdad, they are watched by locals.

The local people of Baghdad have been brainwashed by the Iraqi government, during the reign of dictator Saddam Hussein. They hate Americans. They hate the West.

Locals pass information about the two American deserters to insurgents from the North. These come directly to Baghdad in fast cars.

The two soldiers are now lost in Baghdad. They have also become afraid because everyone is constantly looking at them.

Then a Toyota pickup truck stops in front of them. Four insurgents get out. They stab the American deserters to death with knives. The locals gather around them and cheer them on.

America has never understood the Middle East. People don’t understand other cultures.

President Obama made everything worse by starting to reform the military. This way America can never win another war.

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