Biden Illegals Who Brutally Raped and Murdered 12 Year-Old Girl in Texas Were Caught by Border Patrol, Released into U.S.

More Biden bloodshed and horror.

Illegal immigrant suspects in Texas girl’s murder were recently caught by Border Patrol, released into US

Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, Franklin Jose Pena Ramos charged with capital murder in death of Jocelyn Nungaray

By Louis Casiano , Bill Melugin , Griff Jenkins Fox News, June 20, 2024:

The two men charged in the killing of a 12-year-old Houston girl who was found strangled to death in a creek this week are Venezuelan migrants who entered the United States illegally.

Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21, and Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, were linked to the death of Jocelyn Nungaray and face capital murder charges, the Houston Police Department said Thursday.

Pena Ramos illegally crossed into El Paso, Texas, in May, sources with the Department of Homeland Security confirmed to Fox News. He was caught by Border Patrol agents and was released into the U.S. with a Notice to Appear in court.

Rangel Martinez also crossed illegally into El Paso in March and was caught by Border Patrol. He was released into the U.S. on an unknown basis.

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Houston Police charge 2 Venezuelan Migrant men over the brutal r*pe and strangulation of 12 year old Jocelyn Nungaray.

BREAKING: One of the migrants charged with k*lling 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray was released into the United States weeks ago. Thanks, Democrats.

NEW: In statement to @FoxNews , ICE confirms that the Ecuadorean illegal alien charged with raping a 13-year-old girl in NYC was caught by Border Patrol in Eagle Pass, TX in June 2021, then released into the U.S. w/ a future court date. A judge ordered him to be deported in February 2022, but he was never removed.

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