Biden Regime’s $250,000,000 Gaza Pier to be Dismantled After Only 10 Days of Service

“There has been one bright spot: The pier has not yet been hit in an attack.”

Biden’s Gaza pier is a perfect metaphor for his administration. It cost hundreds of millions of dollars, after months of work, it had to be towed for repairs after it couldn’t handle actually being on the water, it doesn’t seem to have actually delivered aid to anyone and now it’s on track for turning into scrap metal.

It’s like Bidenomics but in pier form.

The $230 million temporary pier that the U.S. military built on short notice to rush humanitarian aid to Gaza has largely failed in its mission, aid organizations say, and will probably end operations weeks earlier than originally expected.

Weeks earlier?

Biden’s people were talking about transitioning it to a permanent facility that would act as a Gaza port that Israel would not be able to interfere with.

Now we spent the current estimate of $230 million (previous estimates were over $300 million) plus an estimated $20 million or so on repairs, for it to be in use for 10 days.

In the month since it was attached to the shoreline, the pier has been in service only about 10 days. The rest of the time, it was being repaired after rough seas broke it apart, detached to avoid further damage or paused because of security concerns.

Because some of the terrorists that the Biden administration had been protecting were shelling the pier.

Despite the weather-related delays and other problems, there has been one bright spot: The pier has not yet been hit in an attack.


There’s always tomorrow.



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