Communist Chinese Government Investors Purchase Farmland Surrounding U.S. Military Bases

The Communist Chinese government using Communist Chinese investors continue to purchase farmland in close proximity to strategic military bases in our Republic.

The Communist Chinese can now potentially set up listening posts and spy on our military installations and military movements located near 19 of our very important military bases including those at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Hood in Texas and even MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

Biden’s Marxist and racist woke Secretary of Defense changed the names of some of these military bases to suit his hate America agenda but I’ve not complied in this my opinion and used their former names.

Fort Bragg, now called Fort Liberty, today is now totally surrounded by Communist Chinese owned farm land in a 30 mile radius. This is a massive problem. You can’t make this stuff up ladies and gentlemen.

This national security threat is also fueled by our wide open borders allowing thousands and thousands of single military age Communist Chinese illegal immigrants to infiltrate our republic unmolested by the installed Marxist President Biden and his corrupt administration.

The Communist Chinese government via investors continue to purchase US farmland in our republic under Biden’s watch and still the Republican led Congress and Republican controlled state legislatures like Florida continues to allow it.

According to Biden’s own US Department of Agriculture (USDA) the Communist Chinese now own 349,442 acres of our rich agricultural property since December 31st, 2022.

The Republican led Congress and local state legislatures could easily prevent all this with legislation to block such purchases from countries who are a national security threat to the United States. But as usual they are a useless, do nothing lazy tax payer funded entity.

Land currently owned by the Communists in close proximity to these 19 US military bases be easily seized by eminent domain just like the process implemented by a Federal Judge working for Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada to protect Area 51 in 2015.

Remember the Sheahan family owned the mine and land near Area 51 since President Lincoln was in the White House and still the feds took their land by eminent domain. Always it seems that Americans are last and illegal immigrants and Communist infiltrators are protected.

The Communist Chinese owned farmland can be easily acquired via eminent domain for national security purposes and then resold back to patriotic Americans after a year and after a close inspection of said property for hidden Communist Chinese installed technology.

The Communist Chinese land owners like billionaire Chen Tianqiao, an ardent Chinese Communist Party member may cry afoul and demand 5th Amendment protections for this property but these enemies of our republic must be dealt with immediately and sooner rather than later.

Chen a Communist Chinese party member is the second largest foreign owner of US farmland. He owns 200,000 acres of land in Oregon which he purchased in 2015 under Obama’s presidency as published by the “Land Report” the same year the feds confiscated the Sheehan’s land near Area 51 in Nevada.

Instead of securing our borders, blocking tourist and student visas for Communist Chinese citizens, instead of blocking the sale of land to citizens from Communist nations the Marxist Biden administration and the weak spineless Republican controlled Congress and state legislatures just talk the talk about these grave issues while doing nothing to stop it.

Stay strong and vote for Trump on November 5th 2024. Let’s hope he can fix this problem with fast Executive Orders.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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