DEFEND AMERICA: DEI Companies are destroying the psyche of our youth

The racial majority in the United States is under attack by DEI-driven corporations.

Truth is, according to recent research, while the Black population in America is only 12%, Blacks are in 94.3% of TV commercials. 94.3%!

And White males – if they appear at all in advertisements – are seen only 4% of the time.

This is not an accident.

This is a psychological assault on the very underpinnings of our culture and society.

So, what can we do about it?

Boycott? Unfortunately, if you boycott all these companies – because this psychosocial warfare is so broad – you’d only be hurting yourself.

However, you can fight back another way. Graham Ledger shows you how both in this video and on his website,, where he details the assault on our racial, religious & sexual orientation majorities and the companies that are promoting this inaccurate reflection of our society and culture.

Demand commercials/ads from companies that reflect racial majority, the religious majority, and the sexual orientation majority in the United States. Below is a list of companies (and their corporate phone numbers) whose advertisements often do not reflect the statistical, cultural, historical, & constitutional majorities of this Republic.

If you would like to include a company that is participating in this psychological assault on this webpage, please email Graham at: Simply include the company’s name and the CORPORATE phone number (not customer service phone number).

BetterHelp. (888) 688-9296

Carshield. (303) 420-7488

Chevrolet. (313) 567-3126

Chewy. (786) 320-7111

Grainger. (847) 535-1000

Nature Made. (818) 221-6200

Quicken. (650) 564-3399

Safelite. (614) 210-9000

UpWork. (650)316-7500


The Demographics:

The US population is 334 million consisting of 57.8% White, 18.7% Latino, and 12.1% Black.

About 10% of all existing marriages are interracial including those of all races, and only 5.6% of the population identifies as LGBTQ.

The Study:

A study of TV commercials over a 4-month period in 2023 found that White men have all but disappeared. And, when they are in commercials, they are old, ugly, stupid and/or sick, or they are the partner of a Black woman and have no speaking part.

While the Black population in America is only 12% Blacks were in 94.3% of the commercials. Black males are only 5% of our population yet were in 89.7% of the ads. White males were in only in 4% of the TV commercials!

There were zero commercials of White fathers and sons. The truth is that while 75% of White children live with both their parents including their fathers, fully 62% of Black children do not live in a two-parent household.

The study found that a majority of the children were White girls with a Black “brother” even though this represents a tiny percentage of the population.

The MAJORITY of TV commercial couples consist of a White woman with a Black man, when in reality these make up about about 2% of the population.

Virtually every ad campaign for new cars featured a woman driver except for Lincoln. In these commercials for automobiles there were more Black women drivers than White women.

The Conclusion:

The results of this brainwashing are dramatic and very successful. For example, according to polling, millions of Americans have been brainwashed into believing that 24% of all Americans are LGBTQ.

In fact, if you were an alien dropped down on earth from Planet Z and your job was to study the U.S. population by watching network television, you would conclude that Black females are the smartest, most successful of the species and that White males are the minority and on the road to extinction based on their stupidity and lack of critical thinking.

No matter your ethnic background, do you approve of this?

EDITORS NOTE: This Ledger Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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