The one thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn anything from history.

Deep fake, cheap fake are all the same thing.  One thing is certain, the left is great on marketing. They can make Marketing is just the act of persuasion. Persuading someone to change their belief to that which you want. If you really want to understand what the globalists are doing, catch a few early episodes of  Mad Men. This 60’S show was a glimpse of the world of advertising which became the norm. There was never a concern for the customer, just a concern to sell the product whether it was good, bad or indifferent was not important. Just sell, sell, sell.

Today, that is our government. Their policies are no longer looked at: are they good for the country, are they good for Americans. Policies are only put in place to benefit those in power and friends and family of those in power.  All news that works against the government’s agenda is now considered cheap fake or deep fake.  All news that shows Biden in a bad light are cheap fake, deep fake or now disloyal.  Punishment will be severe.  People will lose their livelihood, possessions, their freedom. We have read 1984 and now we are living 1984. What have we learned? Very little I fear. We are repeating the same mistakes that allow the government to become bigger and more invasive.

Te people we trusted are knifing us in the back and we are doing nothing. We knew the J6 committee was corrupt and we did nothing. For instance, Dr. Navarro in jail for having Executive Privilege ignored by the OBiden DOJ, Bannon is going to jail for having Executive Privilege ignored by the OBiden DOJ. Both were subpoenaed by the corrupt J6 committee. Garland just claimed Executive Privilege for his subpoena and nothing happened. Where is congress? Out to lunch. The J6 committee destroyed their evidence so why is anyone going to jail?

  • Conservative attorneys are being disbarred  but we did nothing because we were not attorneys.
  • Conservative Journalist are being silenced but we did nothing because we were not journalists.
  • Farmers are regulated to death but we did nothing because we were not farmers.
  • Private property owners are being taxed to death but we did nothing because we don’t own property.
  • Government workers are forced to get vaccinated but we did nothing because we aren’t gov’t workers.
  • Children are forced to learn WOKE and be Trans but we did nothing because we were not children.
  • Businesses are forced to be DIE, ESG compliant but we did nothing because we didn’t own a business.
  • Globalists want baby killing till birth and we didn’t stop them.
  • Globalists want our guns and slowly we are giving them away.
  • We have allowed an economy killing invasion by electing America hating legislators
  • We have allowed men/boys to infiltrate girls sports, bathrooms and locker rooms
  • We have allowed our children to believe there are more than 2 genders
  • They have lied and are still lying and we believe them because it is easier than confrontation

The indoctrination going on in schools have been in place hot and heavy since the 60’s. We now reap the reward of not paying attention to what our children were reading and doing. We gave our children to the corrupt communist schools. Alex Newman, today’s guest just wrote an article about the violence against teachers.  Apparently the communists forgot to tell their comrades that eventually the eat their own.

READ: Brutal Violence Against Teachers is at “Crisis” Levels on Substack

Sadly this is nothing new. What is new is that in the 60-80’s teachers could discipline. Many parents were involved. They came to school to assist. Sending a letter from school, going to the Dean or the principal’s office meant something. Getting an F or an A meant something. Yes there were drugs but not as a first resort. “Broken families with children growing up in fatherless homes with no discipline” was one and still is one of the biggest problems. And then came Dr. Spock. Gone were rules and boundaries. Gone was be the best you can be. Everyone got a trophy and nothing matters except “me”. Students have no respect for themselves so they can’t respect someone else. And then they graduate. They can’t read or write or do math and they become teachers. We continue to strive for incompetence.

Is America worth saving? Get your kids out of those indoctrination clinics masquerading as public schools.

Globalists push and push and push. They will not stop until we grow a pair and stop them. They want us to fight. Don’t fight. Fighting will just enable them to call an emergency crisis and take away more freedom. So what can you do? lots.

  1. Start by countering the lies. Write in social media, local papers, ezines.
  2. Call into shows and ask questions
  3. Stop taking grants in your local communities. Work with you county and local commissioners.
  4. Make up flyers, palm cards, printed material and give it out at local street fairs
  5. Buy from American companies with your values.
  6. Go to clubs and organizations out of your comfort zone.
  7. Work with Pastors to spread the truth
  8. Are you volunteering for election integrity action
  9. Speak out about Anti-Semitism and white privilege. – stop giving to alumni funds.
  10. Encourage your state to create state currency.
  11. Recognize climate change is a hoax and stop buying into its lunacy restrictions
  12. Communicate with your elected official
  13. Contact your AG and join Missouri in suit against NY for election interference.
  14. File your own Amicus Brief for election interference according to Alan Dershowitz
  15. Blitz our neighborhood with flyers, then send postcards to your neighbors.

Also tell SCOTUS The J6 Committee was illegitimate, and so were the subpoenas.

Remember, these people will never give up. They have lots of money and have covered every front. So pick your passion and learn the truth about the propaganda. Then become the expert and share the information with everyone you know. Never stop talking. Slowly the truth will come out.

Reggie Littlejohn is my other guest today. Reggie is a co-founder of the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force, dedicated to sounding the alarm about the dangers of digital IDs, which can be used as tools of mass surveillance and control, similar to the China Social Credit System. She also was co-founder and co-chair of an initiative to expose the human rights atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party, in an effort to stop the 2022 Genocide Games from taking place in Beijing. She is a member of the Committee on the Present Danger: China.

Reggie just started a new group you can join. Anti-Globalist International seeks to expose, oppose, resist, and ultimately, defeat the global power grab known as the “Great Reset,” the “New World Order,” “Sustainable Development,” “Agenda 2030,” or the “One World Government.”  Our counter offensive will deploy means such as education, advocacy and legal action. We are determined to preserve the freedom and sovereignty of individuals and nations worldwide from the Chinese-style “digital gulag” set in motion by supra-national globalist entities such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the G20 and the World Bank.

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