The Truth about Jihad

We are writing the year 2012. President Obama has been in power for some time, He has reformed the armed forces. All the old-fashioned generals have been worked out. American soldiers who do not agree with Obama’s policies should watch out!

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The main character of this story is a learned man from New York. He was a lecturer at a university, but because he criticized Obama too much, he lost his job. Because he is also a follower of Arabist Robert Spencer, he also lost all his friends. Still, he is not in a bad mood. After all, he is a freethinker!

With his last money, he has bought a ticket to Baghdad. He is flying via Cairo, the capital of the African country of Egypt.

The purpose of his trip: to explain to American soldiers what exactly Jihad is. (He learned this himself from Robert Spencer).

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Once the learned main character of this story, actually a hero, arrives in Baghdad’s Green Zone, he requests a meeting with the commander of the American forces. He gets what he asks for.

Soldiers roughly bring him into a control room. He is immediately welcomed by a screaming general. The general is furious with him because a security check revealed that the hero is a member of the GOP (Republican Party) and is vehemently opposed to abortion.

The hero of this story finally gets to speak. He is allowed to speak to everyone present in the control room. Of course he accepts this offer!

For 15 minutes he explains how the Quran calls for Jihad, and how Jihadists read and interpret the Quran.

Then he is denied the floor. The general grabs the microphone from his hands, and now addresses him:

“It’s quite clear that you do not understand a thing about Islam. Islam is a Religion of Peace”.

The hero wants the floor again, but doesn’t get it. He must now leave the room. His request has been granted, so he cannot complain, the general thinks.

As he stands outside, in the burning heat, an Iraqi soldier comes walking up to him. This one says he heard and saw everything, and wants to thank him:
“I learned a lot about my religion Islam today. My Imam keeps the information that you gave me today completely secret”.

The New Yorker is amazed! He introduces himself. The Iraqi soldier hugs him, saying:

“I want to be converted to your faith in Jesus. Can you baptize me?”

The New Yorker grabs a bottle of mineral water from India, which he had bought at the Baghdad airport, and baptizes the Iraqi soldier, in the name of Jesus to Christianity.

Now the baptized man pulls out a photo from his wallet. It is a small photograph of a Russian icon. It is a depiction of the Mother of Jesus with a golden Aura around her head. He proudly shows it to the New Yorker.

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The two have become friends and walk through the Green Zone while talking. At one point, the Iraqi soldier says:

“I am not safe in my country. I am going to live a secret life. I will remain officially a Muslim; You are not safe either. In your country you are hated by your government!”

The New Yorker confirms that he already has a lot of problems with the U.S. government. The Iraqi soldier tells him, that out of thanks he will do something for him so that his life in New York will be better.

The two friends say goodbye to each other with a firm handshake.

[ *** ]

The Iraqi soldier returns home, somewhere in Baghdad. At home, he goes to a small room. There he uses a landline phone to call the Russian embassy. There is an immediate answer; they know who is calling.

The Iraqi soldier now says in English:

“Please help my friend from New York. Make his life better. He made my life better”.

A Russian voice replies:

“No problem young man. It will be taken care of.”

[ *** ]

Within an hour, a team of hackers from the FSB in Moscow launches a covert operation. They log into the CIA’s site with stolen passwords, and begin erasing the New Yorker’s dossier. The latter does not even know this dossier exists. A total of 90 pages of slander are erased.

The operation is completed within 10 minutes. Before anyone realizes it. As a precaution, the FSB agents evacuate the home near the Red Square, where they carried out the operation.

[ *** ]

The hero of the story returns to the US. As he came, so he returns: via the capital of Egypt.

At the New York airport, he receives a warm welcome. He does not have to explain why he wanted to go to Iraq.

He himself does not understand any of this. A month later he receives word from an old colleague at the university that there is a vacancy. There are all kinds of conditions attached, but at least he will be able to get paid work again.

The End

©2024. Matthys van Raalten. All rights reserved.


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