Gaza: IDF destroys Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket launch site that was placed inside a humanitarian zone

Next Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the UN and the establishment media will excoriate Israel for launching an attack against a humanitarian zone. That’s how this scam works, and it’s working well.

IDF destroys launch site placed in humanitarian zone, escalates operations in Rafah

Jerusalem Post, June 21, 2024:

The IDF destroyed a launch site on Thursday that was placed inside a humanitarian zone in Khan Yunis by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and has continued its operations in Rafah, the IDF announced on Friday morning.

The launch site was placed inside a shelter located in the humanitarian zone. The Israeli Air Force then struck it from an aircraft. The IDF emphasized that before the strike, various measures were taken to mitigate harm to civilians.

“Terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip continue to place weapons and terrorist infrastructure amid the civilian population, endangering them and using them as a human shield,” the IDF said.

Additionally, the IDF said that troops have been continuing to operate in the area of Rafah and have been working to eliminate terrorists there in close-quarters combat, conducting “precise, intelligence-based” actions in the area.

Residents in the area said that Israelis appeared to be trying to complete their capture of Rafah, the city on the enclave’s southern edge that has been the focus of an Israeli assault since early May….

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