Our Country, Our Freedoms, Our Constitution: Lessons for Freedom! [Video series]

The AUN TV NETWORK and its 11 broadcast TV Stations will be airing an exciting idea for educating the masses of the Constitution and its amendments.

In conjunction with Liberty Sentinels Fund, this twelve part series, “Our Country, Our Freedoms, Our Constitution: Lessons for Freedom!” will examine the political theory of the American Founding and subsequent challenges to that theory throughout American history.

Topics covered in this course include: the natural rights theory of the Founding, the meaning of the Declaration and the Constitution, the crisis of the Civil War, the Progressive rejection of the Founding, and the nature and form of modern liberalism.

Following each broadcast a guest lecture will explore and expand each lesson. Present, Former and Future members of Congress, Legal scholars and educators will be invited to host this series.

We will also partner with other organization’s promoting Constitution Education.

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