After hot rebuke of Netanyahu, U.S. admits to cutting military shipments to Israel by 50%

Less than a week ago, the Biden administration cancelled a high-level U.S.-Israel meeting on Iran, and scolded Netanyahu in protest over a video the Israeli prime minister released stating the truth — that the U.S. was withholding military aid.

The video provoked a temper tantrum from Biden reps. A U.S. official said that Netanyahu’s “decision makes it clear that there are consequences for pulling such stunts,” but who does this unnamed individual think he or she is? Israel is not an inferior, nor a subject of the Biden administration.

Biden did withhold weapons from Israel, but expected Israel to be silent about it, and to reduce itself to a beggar’s gratitude, ostensibly so as not to stir up disapproval from the pro-Israel voting bloc.  

A few days later, “US officials confirmed that there has been a steep decline in weapons and ammunition provided by the US.” 

Iran, Hamas, Hizballah and all jihadists are enemies to America and the infidel West, as jihadists seek global conquest. 

Israel is on the frontline to secure its own existence, but it also battles by proxy for all free societies, which benefit from Israel being on the front lines. 

The Biden administration is unreliable, and is a stumbling block to Israel.

US admits cutting shipments of military aid to Israel by 50%

by Vered Weiss, World Israel News, June 23, 2024:

US officials confirmed that there has been a steep decline in weapons and ammunition provided by the US to Israel in recent months.

At the outset of the Gaza war, the US sent 240 shipments of military aid to Israel, but more recently, the number has dropped to 120, resulting in a 50% reduction.

Both US and Israeli officials confirmed that there has been a decrease in US arm shipments to Israel.

Addressing the situation at a cabinet meeting on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “There has been a dramatic decrease in the supply of munitions from the US.”‘

Although Netanyahu thanked the US for its support at the beginning of the war, “both in spirit and in material means,” he says he has had to urge the US to “speed up the shipments.”

The Israeli Prime Minister expressed his frustration, “We did it again and again. We did it at the highest levels, at all levels, we did it in closed rooms. ”

He added, “They gave us all sorts of explanations, but we didn’t get one thing – the basic situation hasn’t changed. Certain items trickled in, but the great mass of weapons remained behind.”…

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